ALL forts (Location), rewards and details

The powerful They’re a new optional activity featuring the huge open world of devil 4. In these areas of the map you will find yourself territories invaded by enemies that you must clear to recover, and all present an interesting challenge to progress towards obtaining powerful equipment for your character.

Next, in this entry of our guidewe are going to show you all you need to know about the strong; how are they completedwhere to find them and what can you get when cleaning them, among other things.

How to complete the forts?

Diablo 4 forts are locations such as strongholds, strongholds, and other places in the open world of Sanctuary that have been conquered by minions from burning hell Unlike dungeons, forts are not separated by cargo zones and these are its main features:

  • Usually each strong proposes a number of different goals to free them, but they have some simple and indicated mechanics when entering the area.
  • The release of a fort usually consists in finding various sources of enemy corruption to destroy them and, subsequently, taking out a big boss that protects the area.
  • He design of each fort is unique and different from the rest.
  • you can only complete each fort once.
  • After liberating a fort the area is cleared and from then on it can be a place with points of interest as merchants or transporters.

It should be noted that the forts can be completed both alone and accompanied by a group of players. Now all the strong have a fixed and recommended difficulty to complete them (in the map view you will be able to see the recommended minimum level for each one when you place the cursor over it). Only go to these areas when you already have the minimum level or more, because enemies don’t scale based on your current character level.

Location of all the forts

In Diablo 4 there are a good handful of strong to liberate. You will recognize them marked on your map with the symbol of a red skull and you can go to them as long as you have the minimum recommended level (so as not to have a bad time).

Here below we show you maps with the locations of all the forts divided by the main regions of the game so you know where to find them easily:

Broken Tops Forts

The region of Broken Tops has the following 3 strong total:

Scosglen Forts

The region of Scosglen has the following ? powerful total:

(In the beta the Scosglen region is not yet available)

Grim Steppes Forts

The region of Grim Steppes has the following ? powerful total:

(In the beta the Grim Steppes region is not yet available)

Kehjistan forts

The region of Kehjistan has the following ? powerful total:

(In the beta the Kehjistan region is not yet available)

Hawezar Forts

The region of Hawezar has the following ? powerful total:

(In the beta the Hawezar region is not yet available)

Rewards for clearing strong

Completing forts in Diablo 4 is one of the best ways to get valuable loot for your character’s equipment. By liberating forts players can receive the following rewards:

  • For every fort liberated you receive 100 renown points for the region in which it is located.
  • you get gold of defeated enemies.
  • you receive experience to level up your character faster.
  • By conquering forts, their areas are released and points of interest may appear like merchants, transporters, altars of Lilith or even new side quests.
  • Releasing certain forts will also unlock the dungeon access surrounding.

It should be noted that in the forts you can also more frequently find loot of rare or higher qualitieseven objects legendary by defeating their bosses, which is why they are incredibly lucrative activities and we recommend you complete them as soon as you have the opportunity.

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