Alina Becker cosplay as Nico Robin Island Fishman from One Piece

In the more than twenty years that have passed since One Piece began we have seen its main characters in a good variety of designs, but without a doubt the one we saw during the Fishman Island arc has become the most popular to date. . version of Nico Robin that we saw in this arc is particularly popular and thanks to the cosplay of Alina Becker we can imagine a live-action version.

Nico Robin began to appear in the One Piece anime and manga from the Alabasta arc, but without a doubt his most popular design continues to be that of Fishman Island. This is demonstrated by the One Piece Odyssey game that came to next-generation consoles in January, as well as the constant cosplays of his character, including the one just made by Alina Becker.

Alina Becker is one of the most popular professional cosplayers in recent years, since for a long time she has presented a professional quality that is difficult to surpass and has transformed into dozens of different characters. In the almost six years that she has been posting cosplays on her social networks, This is the first time that we see her transform into Nico Robin, to the liking of One Piece fans.

Despite the popularity of One Piece and how present its characters are in the cosplay scene, this is the first time that we see Alina Becker pay tribute to the work of Eiichiro Oda and what better way to start than with a Nico cosplay Robin in his most popular version. From the first photo he showed, it was clear that this Nico Robin cosplay was going to be a favorite among One Piece fans, as well as Alina Becker fans.

The first time Alina presented her Nico Robin cosplay on social networks was exactly two weeks ago, when she presented a photograph in a pool with the costume used by the demon girl from Ohara in the One Piece Fish-Man Island arc. However, she Alina unbuttoned the top piece of the costume, which makes for a photo with a lot of fan service.

Five days ago Alina Becker re-shared a photo cosplaying Nico Robin in the Fishman Island costume, which can be considered one of the best examples of how this popular character could look in a live-action adaptation of One Piece. . Let’s remember that although Netflix is ​​working on a live-action, its One Piece series will not go as far as to see Nico Robin.

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