Activision purchase won’t affect console market, regulator says

At this point, the importance of cloud gaming has grown, because although the CMA qualified its comments on the console market, Coleman stressed that they maintain their concerns about how the purchase could affect the cloud video game market, so that they will continue to investigate until the period for the purchase is completed at the end of April.

“The evidence currently available to the CMA indicates that it would be commercially beneficial for Microsoft to make Activision’s games exclusive to its own cloud gaming service (or only available on other services under materially worse conditions),” the agency said. in February.

These concerns are due to the fact that according to CMA estimates, Microsoft has a strong position in the cloud gaming industry, with 60-70% of global services, so a purchase of Activision Blizzard would significantly strengthen that vertical for the technology company. .

Despite this, this seems a favorable step for Microsoft and Xbox, since it has achieved its objective of softening the decisions of one of the most critical regulatory bodies with the acquisition, something that would also influence the other organizations that are analyzing the transaction.

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