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We leave you 6 key tips to start Resident Evil 4 Remake and not suffer with the villagers and Las Plagas.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is already among us ready to call us “outsider”, “jerk” and all kinds of bad sounding things, but we love it. Not surprisingly, its original installment is surely one of the most beloved in the entire Resident Evil saga. However, we arrived at this new version and we see that, although it remains faithful, there are a series of changes that can make our visit to Spain somewhat more tortuous than we remembered. For this reason, we wanted to leave you 6 tipswhether you are an old player or a new one, to make your return to Las Plagas more comfortable.

6 tips to survive in Resident Evil 4 Remake

1.- Improve the knife

I think it’s the most useful advice we can give you, because the villagers in this installment are much more aggressive than usual. They are victims of inflation you see. The knife It will get you out of more than one tight situation, but it breaks. Therefore, it is best to harden it as soon as possible. Luckily, you can consult our guide on how to improve the knife in Resident Evil 4 Remake and make your life much easier.

2.- I shoot, I kick

Wasting bullets has always been a waste of time (except in Resident Evil 5 which was the shooting festival). All the enemies in this game last longer than we are used to, even if we play on a standard difficulty mode. Getting involved in shooting all the monsters, the only thing that it will give us is running out of ammunition when we need it. Thus, the shot-stuneo-kick combo it is the ideal. When you see that they get dizzy, you finish them off with a good kick.

3.- The pesetas

Oh, the pesetas! Maybe some of them are not the most appropriate having Franco’s face, but they are present to remind us of past times. They are the bargaining chip in our transactions with the Peddler and it is better to save, especially to buy weapons like the Rocket launcher that will allow us to kill a certain boss with a single hit. Don’t waste too much money upgrading starting weapons; the gun is enough for the first few hours.

4.- Drawers, shelves and cabinets

It is important not to leave a single corner without registering. Drawers, shelves and cabinets are what will give us ammunition, jewelry and money. It is not a complex game in its exploration, so take a few seconds to see the environment well, because you can leave many valuable resources for later.

5.- A good shot in time…

Let’s remember that Ashley is annoying, although I doubt anyone forgot. There are parts in which we are going to have to save her or prevent her from ending up in mush. In these cases, especially in the part of the castle, a good shot can greatly save you the situation of babysitting. Of course, not against Ashley, against the bad guys…

6.- Eye with the chainsaw

My greatest nemesis in this game, much more than Sadler, Salazar or Krauser. Every time this gentleman from the orchard appears, I know that drama is coming. The ideal is to end it as soon as possible. This implies bringing out our best arsenal, but they are always attentive to the possibility of parrying him. As with other enemies it is not so important, with this one it is essential if we want to survive.

Now that the “zombies”, (Pests), are back, don’t miss our Resident Evil 4 Remake news section to stay tuned for all the news and curiosities. In addition, you can also discuss all of them with other users through the 3DJuegos Discord server. And you know what they say: “Behind you…”.

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