where to find all the astronomy tables in the game

Completing Hogwarts Legacy one hundred percent can be quite a difficult task. if we don’t know where to look exactly and for that there is the complete guide to the game that we have prepared for you between my buddy Claudio and me with everything you need to know about it. However, in this article I want to focus more specifically on one of the collectibles in the title: the constellations.

These constellations will be necessary both to get various Hogwarts Legacy trophies and to complete the field guide, so it is convenient to go to all of them and complete the small task that they offer us. However, before you can access them, you will have to complete the main story mission called astronomy class. Once you have overcome it, you can go in search of the astronomy tables that are in the game:

Location of all constellations in Hogwarts Legacy

  • The first table of Astronomy It is in the northern area of ​​the game map, next to the large tower that can be seen in the area
  • the second table It is located in the very center of the forbidden forest, next to Hogwarts castle
  • The third table of astronomy It is located northeast of Hogsmeade, next to a small village
  • the fourth table It is north of Hogwarts, very close to the castle
  • the fifth table of astronomy is in the gardens of the castle of Hogwarts
  • the sixth table is following the river that is in the central area of ​​the map
  • the seventh table of astronomy is in the extreme east of the map, to the south of the castle of Hogwarts
  • the eighth table of astronomy is in the grand canyon in the Feldcroft region
  • the ninth table It is located in the extreme west of the Feldcroft region.
  • the tenth table it is next to the great bridge on the coast of Poidstear
  • the eleventh table it is south of the large lake to the east in the Poidstear region
  • the twelfth table of astronomy is on the peninsula to the south of the map
  • the thirteenth It is in the area where you get the Graphorn in the main story.
  • The fourteenth table of astronomy It is in the far east of the southern area of ​​the map.
  • The fifteenth and last table of astronomy is one you’ve probably already visited, as it’s done by completing the main story quest known as astronomy class

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