What is tickrate and why its changes are so important in Counter-Strike 2 – Counter-Strike 2

The announcement of the game reveals a new technology from Valve that completely negates the importance of this aspect.

There are not a few players who are celebrating the announcement of counter strike 2Well, even though it was rumored news for a long time, it means the arrival of great changes to the well-known shooter from Valve. While it is true that eyes are focused on the graphic improvements of the game and the possibilities that smoke offers through its realistic reactionit is also worth noting why it is important the technology that aims to leave behind the well-known ‘tickrate’.

We are talking about a technical innovation that has the objective of putting an end to one of the aspects that generates the most debate among the community of CS:GO. To put some context, the so-called ‘tickrate’ determines the number of times a server is updated in a period of time, internalizing all the actions carried out during these moments. In other words, a higher value of ‘tickrate’ allows to more precisely record the movements of the players in the game.

Valve’s official servers have a ‘tickrate’ set to 64, although there are third-party services that raise this figure to 128. Because, as you can imagine, this aspect is extremely important in a competitive title. where every moment countsso there are many who prefer to access non-Valve servers to reduce the risk of actions “losing” due to this aspect.

And what news does Counter-Strike 2 bring in this topic? Although Valve does not mention many details about it, the official presentation of the new version mentions a new technology that completely denies the importance of ‘tickrate’. In this way, actions such as shooting, moving and throwing will be registered completely independentlywhich ensures that all players appreciate them in the same way in the game.

How to access the limited trial of Counter-Strike 2

In the event that you want to test your skills in the new Valve environment, we take this moment to remind you that the developers have already launched a limited test of Counter-Strike 2. In short, it is a useful first contact for both users and creators, as it allows them to study how the game works and make improvements before the summer launch.

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