We know you want to ride a horse in Diablo IV: There’s a quest to get it but if you’re in the beta, don’t jump for joy yet – Diablo IV

One of the great novelties of Blizzard’s new action RPG are the mounts.

The Diablo IV beta is leaving us some first sensations of the fourth installment of the saga most appetizing. To its gloomier and darker tone -which many missed in Diablo III- are added the tons of content in activities that the game will be released next June.

And, like who does not want the thing, you can already glimpse one of those novelties: the get a mount to gallop across Sanctuary, or engage in combat in rather epic and direct ways. In this guide we explain the first details to be able to access said feature that the game will have.

Mounts in Diablo IV

In the videos that have been seen in the previous months about the next chapter of the quintessential ARPG saga, many have been the news with which Blizzard has put honey on our lips. And now, it seems they begin to know the details of some of them, such as the possibility of having horse mounts to move faster through Sanctuary.

The fact is that during the first bars of the early access to the open beta of the game, it has already been discovered what they are the first steps to get the mounts and, consequently, the stables that would allow us to keep them, and personalize them in the future when the game has been released. However, it is not a feature that can be accessed from the beginning, and we also warn you that for now it is not possible to access it, although we have the first clues to obtain it.

How the mounts would be unlocked

The first thing we should do is arrive at a city called kyovashadsituated west of the Fractured Peaks. From it, we must move in a northwesterly direction, following the main exit path. We will come to a kind of town in which, in addition to other services, we will see an NPC in charge of the stables of the location: miletka.

If we interact with said NPC, it will offer us a side mission with the name of ”Donan’s favour”. At the moment it is the only one that is known to give access to being able to use mounts in the game, although it remains to be seen if they will exist in the final version other methods to get hold of a steed to tour the Sanctuary.

Mount Customization

The idea of ​​the stables is that they allow us store the frames we have and personalize them. Not surprisingly, some of the incentives that Activission/Blizzard offers to those who purchase the Digital Deluxe or Ultimate edition, are mounts -o versions of these- that we can later use in the game.

Obviously, we will expand this entry with more information about the side mission and the performance of horses or mounts in Diablo IV. A game, whose beta in early access is already enjoyable by those who reserved the game at the time but, as with the previous title in the saga, is causing many players to experience problems when entering the game.

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