They hack the well-known YouTube channel “Linus Tech Tips”

The popular channel Youtube, Linus Tech Tipshas been banned from the platform after his account was taken over by hackers promoting a Bitcoin scam featuring a fake Elon Musk.

This latest example of YouTube’s growing problem with cryptocurrency scammers comes just as the waves of controversy between Logan Paul and Coffeezilla Cryptozoo are settling.

Cryptocurrency scams have been a problem among gaming and tech content creators for years. Hackers taking over accounts to sell fraudulent investments are only part of the problem, as even some of the biggest channels do it willingly.

YouTube streamer IShowSpeed ​​recently apologized for one such crypto controversy, stating that he had no intention of scamming his fans. The other side of the issue is the hackers themselves, many of whom have historically favored the use of a well-known series of fake Elon Musk streams promoting fraudulent Bitcoin investments.

That particular scam has now implicated the popular YouTube channel. Linus Tech Tips, who was hacked on March 23 to broadcast fake Bitcoin streams featuring Elon Musk.

The account, owned by famous Canadian content creator Linus Sebastian, was immediately terminated by YouTube for violating the platform’s Community Guidelines. Two other Sebastian channels, TechQuickie and TechLink, were also taken over by the presumed same group of cryptocurrency scammers within minutes of the main account, and with the same result.

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