The Sims 4 cheats to use more than 1000 additional objects

One of the peculiarities of The Sims 4 is that we can not only customize the life of each of our characters, but we can also take advantage of a series of tricks.

And we have dozens of tricks that we can use in our games the sims 4some tricks that will not only allow us to customize much more, but could also give us a series of advantages.

One of the most sought-after cheats is that of the thousands of new objects, a series of objects that you can unlock with a few simple lines of codes for the cheat console, and that we are going to tell you how to activate them for The Sims 4.

Specifically, there are two codes that we provide you for The Sims 4, and that will allow you to unlock up to 1200 new objects that you will be able to use from the beginning for your games.


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The Sims 4 cheats to use more than 1000 additional objects

Before we expose the cheat codes we’re talking about, here’s how to enable the cheat console, depending on the platform you’re using:

  • On Windows press “control + shift + C” on the keyboard to open the cheat console.
  • If you have a Mac, you should use “command + shift + C”.
  • If you play through PlayStation or Xbox you must press all four triggers (the four L and R) at the same time.

Within the cheat console, enter “testingCheats on” or “testingCheats true” (without the quotes) and then press enter or ok to give yourself the ability to run codes.

With the above clear, we are going to offer you a couple of tricks that offer us a completely new collection of objects that are not available from the start in the build mode, but that you can have right now.

These are the codes:

  • bb.showHiddenObjects
  • bb.showLiveEditObjects

You must enter them in this same order.

The first cheat basically activates the purchase debug mode, where we can access hidden playable objects such as collectibles, rocks, trees, bushes, and much more.

The second code allows us to access a wider range of objects that add up to more than 1,200 and that include decoration elements, but also another compendium of trees and even cars.

Once you have entered both cheats in the order we have mentioned, you must go to build mode and select one of the debug options to have access to all these new objects.

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