Rose is bunny Bulma with her Dragon Ball cosplay

Although there are many places to draw inspiration in the world of cosplaysuch as movies, video games or anime/manga, even among the latter there are levels of popularity, and without a doubt, dragonball is one of the most beloved franchises of its genre, as this beautiful cosplay by the beautiful Rosewho gave life to the tender bunny bulma from dragonball.

Rose, a cosplayer of Filipino originhas shared an excellent cosplay where he gives life to bulma with his suit Bunny girl. We first saw this outfit in episode 6 of the original Dragon Ball anime series, which aired from 1986 to 1989.

In this episode, Bulma has no choice but to put on the little outfit because it’s the only clean feminine garment Oolong had at home. Later, Oolong, a perverted shape-shifting pig, is forced to impersonate Bulma in her bunny outfit to convince Master Roshi to help them extinguish the flames on Fire Mountain.

As Bulma forces Oolong to transform into her as revenge for his pranks, he ends up getting revenge by using Bulma’s guise to seduce Master Roshi. Being a child during this time, Goku is oblivious to the suggestiveness of the situation.

Dragon Ball fans are undoubtedly very happy with Rose’s bunny Bulma cosplay, as many of the comments she is receiving online say that she is “sweeping” the cosplay, describing it as “beautiful” and “perfect”.

According to Rose, she wants to do more Dragon Ball-inspired Bulma cosplays. From adolescence to adulthood, Bulma has gone through numerous fashion looks ranging from different outfits, hairstyles, and even hair color.

In addition to Dragon Ball, Rose has also cosplayed anime characters from series such as Death Note, Chainsaw Man, and Naruto, and many more, so we suggest you take a look at her social networks so you can leave her a well-deserved like. and appreciate all their other work.

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