Omen of Sorrow arrived on Nintendo Switch, PS5 and Steam

Fighting game fans should have no reason to complain in recent years, as in addition to receiving new installments from the most popular franchises, we’ve been receiving very interesting indie proposals, such as Omen of Sorrow. Originally Omen of Sorrow It has arrived on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, but as of today it is also available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Steam.

Omen of Sorrow is a 2D fighting game developed by the Chilean indie studio AOne Games, which features creatures from horror stories among its characters and offers crossplay with rollback netcode. The game has come to Nintendo Switch, PS5 and Steam with a new story mode, which came to the Xbox version as a free update.

Capcom recently released a collection of fighting games that includes the entire DarkStalkers series, but other than that it seems that the company has no plans to revive this fighting franchise with horror characters. Fortunately we have indie alternatives and Omen of Sorrow is not a bad option, since it is a traditional four-button fighting game that has interesting mechanics based on blessing or doom.

Omen of Sorrow arrived at the digital stores of PlayStation, Nintendo and Steam at a price of $19.99 USD, but it will have a 15% discount for a limited time due to its launch. As for the physical versions of the game, they began shipping this week from Playasia, where they can be obtained in Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 5 versions.

In Omen of Sorrow we find creatures of the night taken from horror tales and myths, with totally different fighting styles and a difficulty that seeks to be accessible to new players of the genre. With a soundtrack composed by Francisco Cerda, Omen of Sorrow is an excellent indie alternative for those who like to play fighting games, especially if they wanted another one inspired by horror stories after Capcom decided to abandon DarkStalkers.

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