Now available “Mighty Doom”, the new proposal for mobiles

Mighty Doom is now available worldwide for mobile devices. The most “chibi” game to ever bear the Doom name has been several years in the making, with Bethesda confirming Mighty Doom’s February 2023 release date.

Created by Bethesda subsidiary Alpha Dog, Mighty Doom is a top-down shooter whose adorable visual style is inspired by the collectible toys from Doom Eternal, the latest mainline installment in the iconic franchise released by id Software in 2019.

Its full release has been a long time coming, as Mighty Doom already had a limited release on Android in 2021. The game finally left its long beta status on March 21, 2023, when it was available for global download on both Android and iOS.

It seems that Apple users were eager to play it, as Mighty Doom has already snuck into the top 10 games in the App Store’s Adventure category, ranking number nine within 24 hours of its release.

Although iOS user reviews are still sparse, first impressions from gamers are overwhelmingly positive and seem to match the thousands of five-star reviews written by Android gamers over the past two years.

Despite its chibi aesthetic and shift to a top-down perspective, Mighty Doom does its best to maintain the essence of classic Doom games, encouraging players to keep moving and shooting.

The developers also claim that doing so has never been easier, pointing to the game’s one-touch control scheme, which makes it suitable for playing on the go.

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