Movistar Riders gets into the Super League final

Movistar Riders Super League finalist

It’s already decided, we have a Super League final with its two protagonists ready. For the semifinal of the highest Spanish division of League of Legends, Movistar Riders defeated Rebels Gaming and slipped into the Grand Final of the Super League in Saragossa. In a very tight and high-level series, Movistar Riders managed to beat Rebels 3-1 and conclude their journey in these Super League playoffs on their way to the final. The riders were much superior and raised their level again as they had been doing. The MVP of the night was in the hands of Bartłomiej Przewoźnik «fresskowy«, who stepped forward to take Riders to another Super League final and secure a place in the EMEA Masters.

Brutal series of riders on a Thursday afternoon where no one expected or wanted to see a beating. Although the sensations did not give it to understand, Movistar Riders was superior and sealed the match with a 3 to 1 against a Rebels that after being regular season champion failed to win a series in playoffs. On this occasion the victory was sung by the riders, who won the jackpot by traveling as a finalist to Zaragoza and the ticket to the EMEA Masters.

Riders hits but Rebels responds

In the preview of this meeting we highlighted the versatility of fresskowy about xico in the mid lane duel. Riders’ Polish midlaner highlighted this superiority with an incredible performance using a Read without. The blind monk flex pick gave Riders a good advantage from the pick phase, but the biggest difference would be inside the rift where fresskowy he walked. aggressiveness It was once again the greatest virtue of Riders along with its mechanics, giving the first blow in the Super League semifinal against a Rebels that erred on caution.

Although Rebels would not be in favor of the series being summed up in them waiting for mistakes from Riders. The rebel team came out with everything to respond on the second map and the answer came from Xico, the main shutdown at the start of the series. The veteran Portuguese midlaner took out his classic LeBlanc to put the tables on the scoreboard. The assassin caused destruction in the ranks of Riders and was the catalyst for a rebels that he managed to show great improvement and want to fight the series.

Movistar Riders puts the fifth and goes for the second Super League

As in previous series, Movistar Riders reserved fifth gear to close the series by the comfortable way. The riders did not overdo their confidence and returned to the most classic of their arsenal to win the series. Movistar Riders counted on him again Rakan of Alvaro Fernández del Amo and his perfect initiation at all times. The Spanish support stood out on the third map and with a fresskowy demonized with oriana they closed with a beating.

He 8/0/8 in the Fresskowy KDA it was not enough message for Rebels that the champion had to leave banned. Taking advantage of this, fresskowy he did not hesitate and repeated the choice with the same results. The midlaner wreaked havoc on the Rebel ranks and each fight fell to the blue side by calling in his Shockwave. fresskowy is enshrined in an incredible series and gives Riders a pass to the Super League final, which will be their first Super League final.

Simultaneously, Movistar Riders he takes the second prize for having managed to beat Rebels in this semifinal. The riders will not only accompany Team Heretics in Zaragoza, but will also go to the EMEA Masters with them. The Heretics and Movistar Riders They will be the representatives of Spain and the Super League in the European tournament of ERL’swhere Team Heretics will seek to defend the title and Movistar Riders will support the positioning of the Superliga as one of the ERL’s more powerful.

Movistar Riders and Team Heretics: The Grand Final of the Super League

Finally, it is time to change the page and look towards Zaragoza. The Aragonese city already knows its second luxury guest in the Super League final. Movistar Riders will say present on stage with Team Heretics the next Saturday April 1. With all the tickets sold out, the Super League will offer an incredible final where it will crown its spring champion. Although do not be sad if you do not have a ticket or you will not be able to attend the event, since the entire final can be seen live from the twitch channel of the LVP.

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