Lewandowski ‘asks’ for two transfers to Barça for the summer market


Robert Lewandowski, forward of the first team of the FC Barcelona, has appeared in an interview in front of the microphones of ‘ESPN’ to speak on his present sportive in the Barcelona group. The ex Bayern Munich mentioned how has been his adaptation to the style of game of the club and also of what expectations of the staff in what it subtracts of course and of face to the future.

It began his intervention standing out the evolution of football during this first campaign in the Spotify Camp Nou. “It is important to adapt to the change and step forward. The football changes constantly. 10 years ago all the teams wanted to play to the ‘tiki-taka’. Now they are better at tactical level, how to prepare and move in defense and how to change their style during the game. All the world wanted to imitate Pep of the Barcelona, ​​but now if you see the City does not play like this”, aimed.

Movement in the market and the Classical

On the same line, it reviewed his present sportive and left on the table the incorporation of two new signings so that the Barça go back to be in the elite. “There is a good team. Maybe one or two changes more to do that this team was not perfect, but more competitive in the average of the weight that probably have also in the next season. Then, sometimes we speak of small things, but if you change this, it will be even more spectacular. This season had problems in the Champions League and this is what they have to correct, because up to now we are not smart to litigate to the highest level by the three titles: Champions League, League and Glass.“, it sentenced ‘Lewy’.

Besides, it spoke of why it chose to the Barcelona and what expectations of this Sunday in the split suspender belt in front of the Real Madrid. “Always I wanted to play in LaLiga. You know that the Barcelona has a lot of problems, but when I saw the way that wanted to take, said: ‘I Can be part of this’. I saw the challenge and told me that it was smart to assume it. It can that it be 34 years old, but it is only a number and I know that I can play several years to the highest level. They matter to me more the mental things than the physics. The Classical is the most important party of clubs in the world. Now I am part of him and this is incredible for me“, affirmed the forward.

Dembele, Araujo and Raphinha

Finally, it finished speaking on some mates of the staff. “Dembélé Is the man that surprised me a lot from the first training in Barcelona. That big talent has, that quality possesses and the fast that it is. for me, it is really the type that can be the best player in his position. Araujo? For me it is one of the best defenders of the world. When I saw Raphinha in the training, he said: This guy has something special!“, it concluded.

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