Kris is Nico Robin from Alabasta in One Piece cosplay

In One Piece we have met all kinds of characters but without a doubt the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates are the favorites of the fans, especially Nico Robin. She has been present in the anime and manga history since the arc of alabasta and thanks to the cosplay of Kris We can imagine the version with which we met her in a live-action adaptation.

Nico Robin is one of the characters that has changed its design the most as we progress through the One Piece story arcs, but there are those who still prefer the first version we saw, from when he was still working for Crocodile. It is thanks to this that Kris presented us with an excellent cosplay of Nico Robin with the costume he used in that desert kingdom, which has been presented throughout the last year.

Kris beard is how an extremely talented Mexican cosplayer is known who began sharing her cosplays on social networks a little over two years ago. This week marked a year since we first saw Kris in a Nico Robin cosplay, so we decided to share her best version of this character to date, in the Alabasta cosplay you can see below:

We first saw Kris in her Nico Robin cosplay in the Alabasta design back in May of last year, with three photos in which she looks great and were positively received by her fans. In the following months we saw Kris do a couple more cosplays of Nico Robin but in December she surprised us with her new version of Alabasta, which could well be her best cosplay to date.

The last time we saw Kris in her Alabasta Nico Robin cosplay was at the beginning of February, so it’s about time she shared another photo impersonating the demon of ohara. In the meantime, I invite you to visit Kris’s social networks so that you can see all the versions of Nico Robin that she has published to date, as it is possible that she will continue to pay tribute to this character so loved by One Piece fans. .

Of course Nico Robin is not the only One Piece character that Kris has cosplayed, so if you are a fan of Eiichiro Oda’s work you might like his cosplays of Luffy, Ace, Zoro, Law and Nami in different versions, both the one made famous in the Fishman Island arc and one that fuses her with the god Enel.

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