How to customize your character and unlock transmogrification

By first time in the franchise, devil 4 offers the possibility to the players of customize appearance of our characters as we like within certain parameters; that is, now we can choose different faces, hairstyles, makeup or facial hair colors to have a more unique character. As if this were not enough, in addition, the transfiguration system.

In this entry of our guide we’re going to tell all the details so you know how edit appearance of your character in Diablo 4 whenever you want and the steps to follow to unlock the transfiguration of your pieces of equipment. Very helpful!

How to customize your character and change his appearance?

at the time of edit appearance of your characters in Diablo 4, the game puts at your disposal two options that we are going to show you here below:

Edit the appearance in the character creator

First of all, and of course, you can customize the appearance of your character in Diablo 4 in its creator. That is, when you decide to create a new character, the first thing you have to do is choose an aspect to L.

After selecting your character’s class, you will need to decide if it is a man or a woman. Then you can choose between several random faces, but if you want to delve into the appearance of the character, then you can press the “Customize” button to access your character’s appearance menu.

In this menu you can choose between these options of appearance:

  • Face and body: here you can choose face variants, skin tones and eye colors.
  • Hair: Here you can choose the type of hairstyle, facial hair and hair color.
  • Accessories: here you can choose makeup, jewelry, tattoos and color of tattoos.

When you have finished choosing these parameters you can save the appearance of your character and finish its creation to start playing.

Change the appearance in the closet

It is likely that after creating your characters, later in the adventure you want to change their appearance. No problem since the game also offers you this possibility.

For this you have to visit the closets that you will find in the main cities of the world (like the one in Kyovashad):

  • You will be able to recognize the wardrobe icon on the map by your closet way.
  • Go to a closet and interact with the cabinet to open it.
  • Once inside the closet, switch to the tab called “Appearance”.
  • Within this menu you can choose again between the options appearance of your character.

When you’re done changing the character’s appearance, just remember to save the changes and that’s it. This is free of charge and you can do it as many times as you want, so now you know.

How to unlock transmogrification?

The transfigurationalso called transmogit’s a cosmetic system that is present in some games and that Diablo 4 offers its players. Through transfiguration we can apply the appearance of different armor and weapons to our equipment without having to lose the attributes or statistics of the original objects.

That is to say, let’s set an example that you find yourself with gloves that do not work for your current build. However, you do like the look of it and you would love it if your gloves looked like that. Well, with the transmogrification you can apply the appearance of the gloves that you are going to discard to put it on your gloves without losing their stats.

For unlock transfiguration In the game you must do the following:

  • First of all you must advance in the story and complete the prologue of the Bell.
  • Once you reach Kyovashad you will have access to the stores of the merchants.
  • From now on you can go to the blacksmiths to unlock the transmogrification.
  • Interact with any blacksmith and from the “Recycle” section select the piece of equipment you want to get its appearance from.
  • It is important to note that transmog cannot be unlocked for all pieces of equipment, only for those with the cone of a peak in the blacksmith
  • recycle the object in the blacksmith and you will get a message that you just unlocked his transfiguration.

How to apply the transfiguration in your pieces?

To use the different transmogrifications that you have unlocked you have to go to any closet in the major cities of the world. Access the closet and from the “Wardrobe” tab You will see the different weapons, armor and objects from which you have obtained their appearance by recycling them.

  • You can change the appearance of a piece of equipment selecting it in its box.
  • you can choose an appearance variant based on the transmogrifications you have unlocked to apply a different bearing.
  • In addition, at the bottom of this menu you can select a pigment to tint the piece of equipment with the colors that you like the most (among 9 different pigments).
  • Finally, when you have finished your transfiguration, you can store your outfit in a box (or overwrite an existing one).
  • there is until 5 slots to store outfits custom, although only the first one is unlocked by default.

Now you know all the details on how to customize your characters in Diablo 4. We hope the guide has been helpful to you.

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