Grandfather Koldamenta arrives ready for VCT EMEA

Koldamenta VCT EMA

The start of the VCT EMEA is just around the corner and “grandfather” Jose Luis Aranguren “koldamenta» is prepared to give war. The date for the starting gun will be next March 27th and the leader of koi part as a visible face of the competition. The competition itself through its networks in the Spanish version have dedicated a small tribute to it. A teaser of presentation and review a career that, despite its late starthis horizon is still far away.

Age is just a number for Koldamenta in the VCT EMEA

Esports is a sector populated by young talents and although the career of the majority it is not usually very long-livedLittle by little, this dynamic is changing. Good because many of the main stars of titles like Valorant and League of Legends, among others, have a more sustainable trajectory over time. A rare bird. On the other hand, there are those veteran players who make their leap to the main scene “late” and this is the case of Koldamenta.

The Segovian player began his relationship with the shooter from little and was swarming by various titles. His talent manifested itself very early on and he began to reconcile his career with the visit to places like internet cafes to give firewood to everything in front of him. After years of competition, he was finally able to make the leap to the competitive scene at 27 years old. An age for which some even suppose the withdrawal.

Koldamenta took that important step in Valorant and it was, together with Vladyslav Shvets «kilos«, one of the first Spaniards to win a Masters. I pass him by G2 Esports He left moments to remember together with another mythical player like Óscar Canellas «Mixwell«. Now it is the IGL of KOI, one of the Spanish teams that will be competing to win the VCT EMEA in Berlin and Koldamenta can be the protagonist.

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