Gandia will have a skatepark bowl in Roís de Corella square –

Gandia will have a skatepark bowl in Roís de Corella squareMarch 23, 2023:

The area at the end of Paseo Germanías located in the Beniopa-Passeig sector, specifically in Roís de Corella square, will have a new sports facility, a skatepark bowl, an infrastructure similar to a swimming pool with ramps built specifically for skating, either with skates, skate, scooters or BMX.

This was announced this morning by the mayor of Gandia, Jose Manuel Prieto who has been accompanied by the councilor for Land Management, Cultural Heritage, Agriculture and the Environment, Alícia Izquierdo; John Montagud project engineer on behalf of the company Noray Ingeniería y Medio Ambiente and Estudio de Arquitectura Moratal Palomino and with Abel Seguraskatepark track designer and user.
The action has a budget of €989,669.09 and has a lead time of 4 months from the start of the works. As explained, this action is awaiting the granting of aid from the Next Generation Funds for the implementation of healthy environments and which can reach €700,000.

The mayor stressed that this intervention goes from a broken fountain to a usable and enjoyable space while providing a leisure offer for young people. “We are transforming the parks into spaces to be lived in and with this action we will have a space for young people and for those who are not so young. We offer a new leisure option and in this line, we can also announce that we will shortly have the ideas contest for the comprehensive remodeling of the Ausiàs March park underway”.

The main characteristics and actions of the project are the following:

The square will be intervened with an urban and landscape adaptation of the environment that will improve its attractiveness and allow a greater influx of users. The walkway that currently exists will be renovated, the central area of ​​the square will be redesigned, paths and paths will be created to access the different areas. A new inclusive children’s play area will be built, a bio-healthy circuit for physical and maintenance exercises in the garden area on the west side of the square, petanque courts, and new street furniture will be placed.

The skatepark will be located on the disused facilities of the fountain. This project has sought to reuse to a large extent the existing facilities and always sharing the actions to be carried out with the users.
The project will be defined in two zones, one in the upper pool for a lower level of difficulty, and another in a second larger pool for more expert skaters. There will also be a transition section and initiation skating points, organic routes and other less demanding ramps.

For the new installation of the singular game, the castle of adventure has been chosen, a medieval fort in the style of the boats that are installed in the sand of the beach.

Smart City cameras with ‘On the edge’ technology will be installed. The system counts the people present on the site, it does not record the images, it only monitors data that will be integrated into the City Council’s Smart City platform.

For his part, Alice Left has stressed that “this project responds to many reflections and requests that we had and we do it in an area where, in this last legislature, it is becoming a pole of growth for the city” and added that in this way it is also fulfilled any of the requests of the Children’s Council. Other aspects that the mayor has highlighted is that Beniopa wins a large playground where sustainability will be present because the intention is that the materials used for both children’s play and street furniture are ecological or made from recycled materials. Regarding the children’s play area, Izquierdo has stated that it will be the largest in the city, since it will occupy an area of ​​200 square meters and will be able to accommodate up to 90 children at the same time.

Abel Segura has described the project as very interesting. “As a designer of this type of space, you don’t get many opportunities like this. Skateboarding is a sport that still does not have a lot of investment and in Gandia they are betting on this type of infrastructure that will serve users of all levels” “It is a facility with a fairly large scale and meets many requirements that had not been contemplated in other facilities of other municipalities. We are very satisfied with how it will turn out”.

Finally, John Montagud He wanted to highlight that the area will have lighting so that the facility can also be used during the months with less sunlight, such as winter. “It will be a safe environment for everyone where there will be intergenerational use and where we have already thought and reserved spaces to generate parkour or calisthenics areas in the future. “We believe and we think that it will be a very interesting performance that will serve and energize an area that was in disuse.”

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