Cosplayer makes female version of Tengen Uzui

Although in the cosplay interpretations that take place from the movies or video games stand out, one of the most requested areas among fans and the artists themselves is anime and manga, where this beautiful cosplay takes inspiration from ‘gender bender‘ by Nico Nico, this is his own Female version of the Pillar of Sound demon slayer, tengen uzui.

the talented nico nico has shared her cosplay of Tengen Uzui, the Pillar of Sound, but with a rather interesting twist, since it is a post in which she shows her outfit with a heroine attitude, and of course, in the female version of the Demon Slayer character. .

The cosplayer is in a dark room, striking an action pose and holding the character’s now iconic weapons, the chained double Nichirin swords, with lights giving the swords a glow.

He also sports a white wig to capture the character’s hair and an eyepatch, which reflects the character’s state after the battle with Gyutaro and Daki in the “Entertainment District Arc”.

Nico Nico also puts a unique spin on the suit by changing the details and making them more feminine, which suits her very well. He sports an open-chested shirt that makes the outfit look like a cross between Uzui and his wife.

Additionally, she adds fabric covering the wrists to contrast with the character’s typical bare arms, and she even dons fishnets to further play with the presentation. The costume, pose, and attitude all contribute to making this a great cosplay of the popular Demon Slayer character.

Undoubtedly, an exceptional job by the beautiful Nico Nico, for which we invite you to take a tour of her social networks, so that you can show your support by leaving her a well-deserved like, and also, incidentally, become a follower. , if you haven’t already.

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