Chess Ultra and World of Warships

As of today we have two free games in the Epic Games Store: Chess Ultra and World of Warships – Starter Pack: Ishizuchi. Both titles will be available to redeem Until the 30th of March, when the platform offers us new games next week.

ChessUltra is a chess game with 4K graphics and enhanced artificial intelligence. It was developed and released on June 20, 2017 by the Ripstone studio.

World of Warships – Starter Pack: Ishizuchi is a DLC of the game of the same name, which is free. Developed and published by WarGaming, it hit stores on October 7, 2022.


«We present ChessUltra; the most impressive chess game ever created. Experience stunning 4K visuals, seamless online multiplayer, Grandmaster gamer-approved AI, and full VR support.”

World of Warships—Starter Pack: Ishizuchi:

“Immerse yourself in exciting sea battles and assembles a navy of more than 600 ships from the first half of the 20th century: from stealthy destroyers to giant battleships. Change the look of your ship, choose upgrades to suit your playstyle, and challenge other players!

The DLC includes the following:

  • Ishizuchi, Tier IV Japanese battleship
  • Space in the port
  • 11 skins
  • 11 common consumable economic bonuses of four types (“Credits +20%”, “Ship XP +100%”, “Commander XP +100%”, and “Free XP +300%)”
  • 5 Prize Containers»

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