Atomic Heart reveals that it was played by more than 5 million people in its first three weeks

Mundfish, developer of Atomic Heart, revealed via Twitter that his first title was played by more than 5 million people in the first three weeks of its release. We believe that the main reason for the success of Atomic Heart is its availability on Game Pass for Xbox and PC consoles. The game is also available for PlayStation consoles.

“We are happy with the great response to our first game. Our team has been working since 2017 to create a project that offers the best gaming experienceand we’re happy to see that Atomic Heart has resonated with players around the world,” said Robert Bagratuni, CEO of the studio.

He also claims that Mundfish is working on improvements based on player feedback, plus develop additional content, as a DLC. “We are now continuing to work on improving the overall game experience, as well as actively developing the DLC for the game,” he adds.

Atomic Heart caused mixed reactions upon its release. With a Metacritic average of 71 points on PS5, 73 on Xbox Series S/X and 75 on PC, although it’s a bit different on Steam, there it has an 86% approval rating among more than 14,000 user reviews.

However, the game was quite controversial. The first controversy was ban on sale of the game in Ukraine due to the studio’s neutral position on the war, and its presentation of a utopian Russia within the title. The most recent controversy was about the appearance of a racist animation. Mundfish has since removed that content.

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