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resident evil 4 has arrived, the recipes for objects and the list of their craftings are maintained like all Resident evil, so we are going to show you all the necessary materials to create objects in this new remake. Remember to be attentive as we advance and consult the map, we will be able to see if we have completely cleaned an area and therefore used all its resources, as players of the saga will already know. If you are new, you can either use the “Create objects” section in the menu or move the objects in the inventory and put them together, both ways are valid.

At a certain point we can talk to the merchant and buy more recipes in exchange for pesetas. That includes weapon upgrades, new weapons, or one-use items.

Objects Necessary materials
Pistol Ammo x10 – Gunpowder x5
– Resources x1
Shotgun Shells x6 – Gunpowder x12
– Resources x1
Herbal Blend (V+V) – Green grass x2
Herbal Blend (V+R) – Green grass x1
– Red grass x1
Herbal Blend (V+A) – Yellow grass x1
– Green grass x1
Herbal Blend (R+A) – Red grass x1
– Yellow grass x1
Herbal Blend (V+V+V) – Green grass x3
Herbal Blend (V+V+A) – Green grass x2
– Yellow grass x1
Herbal Blend (V+R+A) – Green grass x1
– Red grass x1
– Yellow grass x1

You can enhance the creation of objects, or find them, in this Resident Evil 4 with amulets or briefcases. This is the example of the “Golden” and “Classic” Briefcase or the “Pistol Ammo” and “Green Grass” charms from the Deluxe version of the game. Having them can increase the chance of finding more ammo of a type, or creating more hit items.

Guide under construction*

You can discover more about Resident Evil 4 on its official page.

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