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Samsung celebrates Earth Day 2023 by raising awareness among Latin American youth about the importance of their role in conserving the environment

Climate Change presents challenges for the future that are analyzed by young people throughout Latin America, who under the guidance of Samsung Electronicsare developing proposals that offer both a solution to the ravages that affect their communities, as well as a brilliant possibility of community entrepreneurship.

Such is the case of three youth teams that succeeded during the program Solve for Tomorrow (SFT) that Samsung promotes year after year in the region, and that in its 2022 version saw teams from Costa RicaVenezuela and Panama occupy the first three places among dozens of other proposals, by providing solutions that represent a tangible advance in our fight to mitigate the effects of Climate Change.

Each of the nine projects was based on parameters such as feasibility, clarity of approach, teamwork, in addition to the application of the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (or STEAM) methodology. ). All the participants had a mentor assigned by Samsung Electronics as additional advice to the training in Design Thinking provided by the Universidad del Rosario, Colombia.

Actions that help the environment

In its most recent version, the SFT program saw like winners to a team of young people from Costa Rica, Venezuela and Panama, who displayed not only their ingenuity, but also a totally focused approach to helping their communities.

The Costa Rican group achieved the highest distinction in the program and was made up of students from the Atenas Professional Technical College, located in Alajuela, who created the Aquagraf project.

Through a modular and scalable system that uses nanomaterials and integrates Internet of Things (IoT) technology and Big Data, the treatment model promoted by these young people responds to the need to solve the problem of drinking water contamination. wells and springs in a region of the province of Guanacaste, to attack the origin of diseases caused by this situation in order to contribute to local public health.

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Another of the three Solve for Tomorrow 2022 winning projects was devised by students from the Joaquín José Vallarino Educational Center, located in the Mariato district, in the Veraguas province of Panama.

Entitled “Aceibón: Let’s help the environment”, this solution is focused on the design and manufacture of a soapy substance to recycle used domestic oil, preventing it from being waste with a polluting effect on the environment.

The third winning work that completes the group of finalists was born from the creativity of students from the Bolivarian Educational Unit of Sports Talents, located in the state of Nueva Esparta, Venezuela. Under the title “Wave Power”, the team devised a solution to the problem of serious power failures that occur in almost all of this insular region.

The technological response designed by these young people consists of taking advantage of the impulse of the waves to generate the movement of a system by means of hydropneumatic pressure and activate an electric generator, which constitutes a clean, alternative and economical source of energy for the inhabitants of this island. Venezuelan.

Learning to Conserve the Ecosystem

Samsung Innovation Campus (SIC) is another of the flagship programs in which its participants create solutions that, through technology, seek to teach values ​​that make it possible to make young people aware of the need to preserve our ecosystems. Such is the case of the game Save the Land, created by a team of young participants from the SIC program in 2021. This game made it possible to provide a platform aimed at children and young people through which they were educated about environmental preservation, using the knowledge in the management and programming of algorithms taught during the SIC of that year.

“With this program we want to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit of young people through critical thinking and solving local challenges. For the participants, Solve for Tomorrow is a unique life experience that will surely allow them to become agents of change in their community and to be motivated to undertake projects later in their lives”, says María Fernanda Hernández, manager of Corporate Citizenship of Samsung Central America. and the Caribbean.

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