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The company Xiaomi has two new televisions in its catalog and, in this case, they are models that have a clear focus gaming (always with an adjusted price, since in this case we are talking about models that are intended for the mid-range). With Android TV operating system and Company’s own customizationyou will see that as always in the manufacturer’s products, the best adjective that can be put is complete.

The models are called Xiaomi TV S75 and S65 (in some stores they are seen as Xiaomi Mi Gaming S75 and S65). Among the options that you will find in these new models is that it has panels that offer a 4K resolution, which fits to be able to use them with all the consoles that currently exist on the market (and, of course, with the best options that can be contracted with streaming video platforms). By the way, their ability to display colors is excellent, since they allow up to 1.07 million to be seen, something that ensures support for technologies such as HDR and Dolby Vision.

But there are a couple of important details that show that the approach to games is a reality in these Xiaomi. On the one hand, the panels offer a 144Hz frequency, therefore an excellent erasure of the screens is offered to show the succession of images that arrive from the source. aside, too include MEMC technology, which compensates for the movements so that they are as fluid as possible. Therefore, very interesting solutions are included such as the support of FreeSync Premiumsince the latency is four milliseconds.

Other good details of these Xiaomi Smart TVs

The sound system, which is stereo, includes a pair of speakers offering full power 12.5W, which is a good detail -and we must add that they have support for Dolby Atmos. In addition, for everything to work perfectly, the integrated processor is a quad-core (and A73 architecture) that is accompanied by 3GB of RAM and storage that reaches 32 gigabytes.

Front of the Smart TV Xiaomi TV S75


In what has to do with connectivity, it does not lack everything necessary for you to forget about any type of restriction. So apart from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth In the wireless section, two USB Type A ports are also included; ethernet; three hdmi (two of them version 2.1) and, of course, it also includes an external video input, in case you have an accessory that is a bit old.

A communication of the company and prices

In the first case, the Asian firm has indicated that from now on its product range is divided into three. The A series is the most basic; the S series is placed as the one destined for the average; and, the rest (or teacher) is the one that will include the best televisions of the company. In what has to do with the pricesthose indicated are the following:

  • Xiaomi TV S75: 540 euros to change
  • Xiaomi TV S65: 400 euros to change

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