Xbox developers can now adjust the power their games use

Microsoft recently announced that it is taking steps to improve the sustainability of Xbox as a platform. In a statement on his official blog, the company reported that it will offer developers greater control over some of the console’s components. This will allow them to adjust the amount of electricity used by the games on an individual basis through the use of new tools provided by Microsoft.

According to the company, most of the carbon emissions associated with Xbox are the result of energy consumption. By allowing content developers to control the amount of electricity used by each of their projects, the overall power consumption of the platform is expected to be reduced. With these new tools, developers will have a more accurate idea of ​​the energy load consumed by each of their games.

This will allow the adoption of development techniques that make Xbox run less intensively, which will result in lower power consumption. Among the solutions that developers can use, is the ability to adjust the loading time of the elements and the frequency of updates, among other alternatives.

Microsoft promises to give creators the tools they need

On Microsoft’s blog for developers, the director of brand sustainability, Trista Patterson, explains that the company will not limit itself to providing measurement solutions to developers. The company is committed to actively working to provide you with the means to create your games more consciously, reducing the consumption of energy resources when they are not needed.

In addition to being able to compare the electrical consumption of their games with other Xbox titles, interested developers will also have access to a “best practices guide” provided by Microsoft. Among the companies that are already using the new features are all those that belong to Xbox Game Studios.

Among the names mentioned by the company that have already adopted the new guidelines are Ubisoft and 343 Industries, the latter being the first to carry out comparative tests to reduce the energy used by its games. According to Microsoft, the study reduced the electricity consumption of its titles by 15% just reducing the resolution of the pause screen.

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