Xbox Celebrates 10 Years of [email protected] With Over 3,000 Games Released and Announces Developer Acceleration Program

MADRID, March 22 (Portaltic/EP) –

Xbox has celebrated the ten years of its independent developer program, [email protected], with which he has made possible more than 3,000 titlesand has announced a new initiative to “empower underrepresented creators” with the aim of Developer Acceleration Program.

This has been transferred by Microsoft within the framework of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2023which is being held this week in San Francisco (United States), where he has shared some data regarding his [email protected] Program, which is focused on providing facilities for independent developers so they can publish their games on Microsoft platforms.

Specifically, the video game company has highlighted that, during the ten years that [email protected] has been active, there have been released over 3,000 independent developer titles for Xbox. In fact, as specified by the company in a statement, this figure exceeds the total number of games that were released on the original Xbox and Xbox 360 combined.

Another fact to highlight is that, from the [email protected] launch in 2013xbox has paid more than 4,000 million dollars (around 3,710 million euros) to which independent developers for the ‘royalties’ of his published video games.

Following this line, Xbox currently has 5,000+ integrated independent developers in this program, which expand [email protected] to more than hundred countries. Likewise, during this last year 2022, there have been enrolled more than 700 new creators.

Among other things, Xbox has also recalled some of the additional programs that it has put into operation in order to improve the situation of independent developers. In this sense, he referred to the digital self-publishing programwith which developers can create physical versions of their games with “a minimum order quantity.”

This [email protected] Developer Retail Program is still on pilot phase and only has a limited number of partners, but Xbox has announced that they hope to be able to expand this program to a larger number of participants “In the near future”.


Continuing with the programs for independent developers, Xbox has announced the start-up of a new initiative to equip “underrepresented” creators with the necessary resources and information to reach more people and be able to develop their games on Xbox. It is the Program of Developer Acceleration (Developer Acceleration Program).

As the company explains, since the year 2019 the team took steps to bring more games to Xbox from “underrepresented” creators. These measures were based on the fundraising for ensure that “new developers with diverse perspectives and unique content” had the necessary resources.

The difference with other programs is that the developers who receive this financing of the Developer Acceleration Program they don’t have to pay it backand They don’t need Xbox exclusivity either. no company capital. In addition, the offers are personal to each developer’s situationtaking into account the need and experience of the creator.

In addition to funding, participants in this program get information and practice in the form of monthly webinars under the name ‘Green Room’. This way, developers can deal with Xbox team members and delve into the topics that interest you the most.

Likewise, Xbox has indicated that the Developer Acceleration Program plans to partner with a small group of developers “with great ideas” for offer the necessary financing so that they can create a prototype that “accurately communicate your vision.”

since xbox started raising money for this program in 2019 has already helped 100 emerging independent developers, and now they hope to help many more creators. “We are pleased to announce the program as a way to ensure we reach the developers who need our support the most. By remove longstanding barriers to entry for creators and normalize diverse stories and characters in gamesboth the players and the developers win,” Xbox said.

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