with 15360 FP32 drives and 32 GB of VRAM

NVIDIA seems to be working on a new graphics card based on the Ada Lovelace GPU architecture. It would be a line specially designed for workstations known as RTX 5000, although it is not about the future RTX 50 Series that they should launch later. In addition, some details of this GPU that we are telling you about are already known…

What is known about the RTX 5000 Ada?

Well, as I have mentioned, It would not be the successor to the RTX 40 Series current, but a new series of graphics cards for workstations, that is, they are not designed for gaming, but for professional use. In addition, they will come labeled as RTX 5000 Ada, and some details of these new monsters that NVIDIA is preparing are already known.

At yesterday’s GTC 2023 event, NVIDIA presented a lot of news about its latest work, and also saw a new family of workstations that will be based on Ada. And there was also room for leaks, specifically the one that will be the older sister of the RTX 4000 Adawhich are already extremely efficient graphics cards with excellent performance.

That is, the new Ada-based GPU that NVIDIA has revealed It would be between the RTX 4000 Ada model and the RTX 6000 Ada., the latter being NVIDIA’s flagship for workstations, as you already know.

According to Twitter leaker Kopite7kimi, the new RTX 5000 Ada would have an AD102 GPU chip, more powerful than the AD104. And that would position this graphics card for workstations with 15360 FP32 processing cores (i.e. single precision floating point units) on a single chip. That’s more than the 4000 and slightly less than the 18,432 of the 6000, WITH 144 SMs.

That being said, the NVIDIA RTX 5000 Ada will have a significant amount of dedicated VRAM, as it will use a capacity of 32 GB type GDDR6 standard. NVIDIA has opted not to use GDDR6X as in its desktop graphics, possibly to keep power under control for workstations. In addition, as for the width of the memory bus, it is 256-bit. Taking this into account, we can expect a bandwidth of 640 GB/s.

As for TDP, NVIDIA could launch its new RTX 5000 between 200 and 250Waccording to current speculation, although we will have to wait to see more details of this new filtered SKU.

Features of NVIDIA RTX x0000 Ada Workstation GPUs

Graphic card RTX 6000 RTX 4000
GPUs Ada Lovelace GPU Ada Lovelace GPU
GPU process 5nm 5nm
die size 608 mm2 Determined
GPU cores 18176 cores 6144 cores
tensor nuclei 568 cores 192 cores
pulse clock 2.50GHz ~1.70GHz
single precision 91.1 TFLOPs 19.2 TFLOP
tensioner performance 1458 TFLOPS 306.8 TFLOPs
memory bus 384 bit 160 bit
memory bandwidth 960GB/s 320GB/s
TDP 300W 70W
launch price $6800 US Determined
Release date Q1 2023 Q1 2023

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Finally, say that in terms of the prices of this RTX 5000, taking into account the final MSRP of its other two sisters, it could cost between $3,000 and $4,500

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