This will be the Gaming Zone of MARCA Sport Weekend 2023

ANDhe world of competition is no longer confined to traditional sports, new ways of competing and feeling integrated into a team are already among us. We are talking about esports, which in a few years have risen in their popularity curve and are now increasingly the media that dedicate information to these competitions.

MARCA Sport Weekend will host this year the gaming-esports area where recreational areas and talks with professionals in the esports sector of our country will be offered. One of the most important in terms of esports in Europe.


They make up the offer that the Gaming Zone located on Pier One in the city of Malaga will offer free of charge to anyone who wants to come. LEC Santander area where you can participate in our fun games for the whole family and win prizes such as League of Legends skins.

Besides, you can play Riot’s MOBA and VALORANT in the Storm Circuit Zone. The Zone G2A will be present with consoles and a simracing for lovers of speed. Also an opportunity to listen to professionals in our talks.

Movistar Riders continues to create: Chat with Laurita Chicle

The creation of content in the world of esports is a fundamental part of the expansion of the brand so that it reaches the maximum possible audience. Movistar Riders is one of the leading and oldest teams in our country. With teams in different disciplines such as League of Legends, where they compete at the highest level in our country or the CSGO and VALORANT shooters, as well as their team of content creators, Riders4Fun.

One of its members is the VALORANT player, laurita chicle. The woman from Madrid has been one of the most sought-after streamers for a while when it comes to consuming content in VALORANT. In the talk that he will give on Friday, March 25 at 5:00 p.m. at Pier One, we will talk about the secrets of creating content for an esports team. In addition, she will tell us about her experience as a streamer during all these years and she will also share her anecdotes with the attendees and they will be able to learn more about her.

Giants, a lifetime in esports: Chat with Attila, Guilhoto and José Giants

Talking about Giants is talking about success in the world of esports. The Malaga club is one of the longest-lived in the competition and also the one with the most titles in the showcases of its headquarters, Home of Giants.

To talk about this whole trip, it will be on Friday at 7:00 p.m. in the Gaming Zone located in Pier One, José Ramón Díaz, CEO of Giants. Díaz, is one of the most expert and authoritative voices in the sector, where he will talk to us about how he sees the current situation and will also review the history of the club.

But you won’t be alone He will be accompanied by an entire institution in the League of Legends of our country, the player Attila and the Giants coach, Gilhoto. Player and coach will talk to us about what life is like for two esports professionals who compete at the highest level in the LoL Super League.

LVP, the emotion of narrating esports: chat with Champi and Mellado

Champi and Mellado are two of the voices that every Tuesday and Thursday make the LVP Super League have that emotion that you can only feel when the casters stand in front of a microphone.. Two of the best-known faces and voices in esports will join us on Saturday, March 25 at 6:00 p.m. at Pier Onewhere the MARCA Sport Weekend Gaming Zone is located.

With them we will talk about a profession that is vital for the success of any competition, how they manage to carry the public on the wings and we’ll also ask them some of their tricks so the action never slows down. Mushroom and Dentwithout a doubt they belong to that new generation of storytellers who have not needed to be in a traditional medium to reach the viewer and move them.

Content creation: Chat with Th3Antonio and Óscar Brock

Giants Crew is possibly one of the best known esports content creator teams on the national scene. Names like Óscar Brock or Th3Antonio are part of this great team of content creators within the Malaga club.

With them we will talk about the creation of content for an esports team as important as it is giants. We’ll also have the chance to hear about how they’ve come to make a living creating content and the problems they’ve encountered along the way. At the end of the talk, attendees will be able to approach the stars of Giants entertainment and meet them. All this will be Saturday March 25 at 7:30 p.m. at Pier One.

Santander Zone: The funniest games

In addition to the talks, as we have said, we will have three areas at the MARCA Sport Weekend. The Santander Gaming Zone will be located at Muelle Uno and will open its doors from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 March. In it will be our entertainer and speaker, Raúl García, better known as DonDeGentes and who will search among the attendees for those who want to enter the LEC Santander Zone and check your skills with our games.

From bowling to dodgeball tournaments or the craziest trivia with our exploding balloons. And if you win… well, you’ll get fantastic prizes like League Of Legends skins and many more. But If you also want to test your ability as a caster, our speaker and caster, Raúl García will check what you’re made of and will put you to the test in our setup.

Storm Circuit Zone: Sit back and play

Circuito Tormenta returns to the MARCA Sport Weekend for another year and does so in style. The Storm Zone will be provided with ten teams so that you and your friends can play in a 5vs5 face-to-face or online to VALORANT or LoL.

Besides, we will have a photo booth where you can take home your printed photo surrounded by your favorite Riot shooter agents. The Storm Zone will be located at Pier One in the MSW Gaming Zone.

Zone G2A: Respawn & Game

G2A proposes for this MARCA Sport Weekend an area where we can enjoy playing PlayStation 5 or feel the thrill of speed with our simracing.

Virtual reality and old games like FIFA or NBA2K await you in the most comfortable area of ​​MSW, where we have enabled a respawn space, where you can have a drink while you are comfortably seated on a pouf. Zone G2A is located at Muelle Uno in Malaga.

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