They reveal that players are not finishing Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy seems to have been a success since its release in February, breaking sales and streaming records, but the completion statistics have sparked much debate among fans about the actual success of the game.

Although Hogwarts Legacy has received mostly positive reviews to match the high number of sales, the game’s popularity may be waning.

The first sign of this change is that the number of Hogwarts Legacy players has dropped significantly since the game’s release.

Some fans argue that this drop was to be expected, as Hogwarts Legacy is a single player game that most people will only play once. However, the game completion statistics do not necessarily support this theory.

Currently, the game completion rate on Steam is only 25%, which has surprised some fans. Instead of completing Hogwarts Legacy and moving on to other games, most players are leaving the game without finishing it.

They reveal that most players are not finishing Hogwarts Legacy

However, other fans have pointed out that most games have low completion rates. Other open world RPGs like Skyrim, The Witcher 3, and Elden Ring have 20-35% completion rates. Some fans argue that Hogwarts Legacy is easier and intended for more casual players, and that it can’t compare to some of these more difficult games.

Hogwarts Legacy is still an extremely popular game with positive reviews about the gameplay, but the idea that it might be waning in popularity might be somewhat true.

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