The Butcher – Diablo IV: How to summon and defeat one of the most famous bosses in the saga



The Butcher – Diablo IV: How to summon and defeat one of the most famous bosses in the saga

The Butcher is one of the most famous bosses in the franchise, returning in a form just as deadly as in the first dungeon crawler, and becoming the bane of many users. He discovers all the information in this guide so that you know what to do and be able to kill him.

All players of Diablo’s first title probably consider their first encounter with the Butcher as a traumatic event, especially if they found it without spoilers. The developers of Diablo IV have obviously sought to replicate the experience, as the latter will relentlessly hunt you down, and it’s almost impossible to outrun or kill him unless you’re well prepared. There is no doubt that this boss will hold the record for the most player deaths, especially in the most difficult levels of this title.

Location and spawn conditions of the Butcher

  • The Butcher is a additional surprise bosswhich can randomly appear almost anywhere in a dungeon. It is currently unknown if it appears in all dungeons or not.
  • At the moment, we haven’t figured out a way to invoke it. The only way to see it is to do a lot of dungeons, until you’re lucky or unlucky enough to run into it.

disappearance and death

  • You only have one chance to defeat the Carcinero each time. If you take too long to kill him, he will just disappear. You can also see this as a good thing, if you are playing Hardcore mode and your goal is survival. In this case, run to the exit from the dungeon.
  • If you die, the Butcher will simply turn into a pool of blood and disappear.

kill the butcher

  • This fight is ‘simple’ within its complexity. The Butcher has a lot of life, moves fast, hits very hard and quite fast. He is immune to control techniques and has abilities to catch you from afar: his punch that stuns in melee, his hook with a chain that will catch you in a screen distance and a charge. You have to be vigilant and be ready to dodge them sideways.
  • It is best to play world difficulty level 1, if you want to kill him. Even in this mode, it is dangerous.
  • Playing in a group is by far the best option, since you will be distributing their attention. This will give you time to attack when he is chasing someone else. The person being chased should walk around the area with him, preferably around his teammates, so they don’t waste time chasing him. Remember that its damage is significant.
  • The barbarians are likely to have a hard time, or at least worse than the others, in this fight. Taking on the Melee Butcher is truly deadly, requiring excellent gear and the skills to reduce damage and heal for several minutes.
  • Classes with pets should find it less difficult, as these animals will distract the boss.
  • Another option is to use abilities that can attack the Butcher from afar, without exposing yourself too much, like Hydras. Combine them with survivability and mobility skills, such as Barrier, Teleport, Vanish, etc.

loot and rewards

From what we’ve seen, the Butcher always drops at least one or two legendary items. That makes it a profitable fight, should he win. You will also validate one of the challenges of the game.

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