Samsung Electronics presents Odyssey Universe, a new gaming experience inspired by the Odyssey range of monitors

A new custom map created in Fortnite, inspired by the industry-leading Odyssey line, launches on March 23, along with live streams on Twitch and rewards in a treasure hunt event

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has announced the release of Odyssey Universe, a new custom map in Fortnite created for players to experience new challenges and based on Samsung’s Odyssey series of premium monitors.

Odyssey Universe is a new gaming experience that demonstrates how the industry-leading line of Samsung Odyssey monitors helps gamers deliver on the promise of next-generation gaming.

“We are delighted to introduce a custom Odyssey gaming experience that matches the fun of one of the most popular games in the world,” said Hoon Chung, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “We will continue to introduce the industry-leading Odyssey line and increase the awareness of our gaming monitors by offering new and exciting experiences and events.”

The Odyssey Universe features each space inspired by the name of the most prominent product in the Odyssey range. The new permanent map is divided into 5 spaces, each of which is inspired by and represents a leading product from the Odyssey monitor range. From the Level Ark, derived from the “Odyssey Ark”, which provides a new dimension of immersion with the large 55-inch screen, to the Level G9∙G8∙G7∙G6, in line with products such as the Odyssey Neo G9 and G8. Each space will have its own mission that players must complete, with various objectives and rewards throughout the game.

Tune in to the premiere of Odyssey Universe on Twitch

To kick off the launch of Odyssey Universe, players can tune in to some of their favorite streamers to see the maps in action on the official Samsung Odyssey Twitch channel with the following streamers:

SypherPK (634.6 million followers)

NickEh30 (435.5 million followers)

Date: March 23 at 8:00 p.m. (CET)

Streamers will showcase the exciting gameplay of the map, explain to viewers how they can explore the map for themselves, and how they can get exclusive deals on Odyssey monitors.

Take part in the Odyssey Universe treasure hunt

The fun doesn’t end even when the stream ends. Until March 29, players have a new reason to enter the Odyssey Universe, as they can participate in the “Treasure Hunt” event, to explore the Odyssey Universe map and find answers hidden in each of the spaces. Once players discover the answers, they can submit them to the Odyssey Universe event website to be entered into a drawing. The winners of the draw will receive Odyssey monitors and will be announced on the Samsung Odyssey Twitch channel on March 31 at 1am ET.

Players can prepare for the launch of Odyssey Universe by visiting the website for the latest information and to find details on the “Treasure Hunt” and to access a special promotion(1).

(1) The special promotion varies according to the countries

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