Sacras is Tastumaki in a great One Punch Man cosplay

One Punch Man fans are still waiting for the next chapter of the manga to find out how the fight between Saitama and Saitama will continue. Tatsumaki, which has brought a surge of popularity to the tornado of terror. In what we hope we bring you an excellent cosplay of Tatsumaki from the talented sacred cosplay, because yesterday he paid tribute to him and showed how he would look in a flesh and blood version.

During the last month several tributes to Tatsumaki have emerged thanks to the latest manga events, either in the form of fan art or cosplay. Lately we have been sharing some of the best cosplays that we found and this time we bring one made by the cosplayer known as sacras san, who paid tribute to One Punch Man with her most recent work.

Tatsumaki has been around since the beginning of the One Punch Man anime and manga, becoming one of the fan-favorite female characters thanks to her cool design. Still, we haven’t seen Tatsumaki in action the way we’ve seen her in recent chapters, which inspired several cosplays like Sacras’s that you can check out in the post below.

Sacras has been cosplaying for more than a year and a half and in this time he has transformed into more than a dozen characters, improving his quality with each new job he does. Tatsumaki’s cosplay is Sacras’ first tribute to One Punch Man, but given how popular the Tornado of Terror has been in recent weeks, we hope it won’t be the last.

On previous occasions we have seen Sacras cosplay different characters and on several occasions he does so with a touch of fan service, either showing an alternative look or with a touch of fan service. In the case of Tastumaki, it was not necessary to change the heroine’s costume, because as she is, she offers enough fan service and Sacras knew how to take advantage of her photographs.

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