Review Resident Evil 4 Remake: one of the best in history returns with everything

Resident Evil 4 Remake brings the classic action shooter with horror elements to the new generation of consoles in one incredible version. We tell you why this version does deserve that once again you pay for this game that you have played so many times, here!

whatResident Evil 4 Remake? Again? Yes, once again, one of the most relaunched games in gaming history has a new version, but this time is different. It turns out that we are not facing a port with a couple of improved graphics, something in VR or a system type Wii either PS Move to aim with some rare peripheral. Capcom’s eternal classic is back in a complete remake that turns the masterpiece into an even more complete experience where not only the graphics engine, the gameplay and others change, but the maps are also expanded to give flavor to the semi-open world more in line with the present of the saga that we now play on PS5. Yes, it’s the same but it’s better and if you love it you have to play it again.

A question of legacy

It is not an exaggeration to say that resident evil 4 It is one of the most important video games of all time. Originally released for game Cube in 2005, the game was eventually ported to every console that existed during or after that cycle. There are versions for PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, Switch, Android, iOS and PC. This is no coincidence: RE4 not only reinvented the series with a three-dimensional world with an over-the-shoulder camera instead of a fixed camera like previous games, but its third-person shooter model is the template on which everything from the Tomb Raider reboot and Uncharted to Gears of War and Vanquish were built.. His legacy is unique, unrepeatable, and his influence cannot be measured only by his artistic achievements but also by how he changed the industry.

resident evil 4 It turned the survival horror saga into a game more focused on action, shooting and awesome scenes. Now without zombies, the saga could explore other types of viruses with more dynamic gameplay and more action movie-style plots. This caused him to sell more and more but in the process alienated some of his classic fans. Luckily, the trend began to reverse with the release of Resident Evil 7, another brilliant title, which served as a prelude to RE2 Remake, RE3 Remake and RE8 Village, ushering in a new golden age that fused the two. So why is a RE4 remake necessary? Because right now Capcom is in its prime, and this masterpiece deserves to bear the fruit of the lessons they’ve learned over the years.

Expanded and Augmented Remake

resident evil 4, in this new version, is more than a port. The game is completely recreated from scratch, the graphics engine is new and gives the latest generation visuals, the best that the RE Engine have given so far. This makes the gameplay has changed and has several additions. For starters, while it’s still a third-person shooter, you can now move and walk while aiming (Can you believe that in the original you couldn’t?), but you also have a button to crouch, which when used well serves to dodge enemy attacks, and you even have ‘parries’ with your knife that deflect blows. The action is much more frantic and dynamic, and when the enemies surround you instead of walking slowly towards you they throw themselves furiously so that you keep them at bay with shotguns and do not stop moving while shooting.

On the other hand the knife is now a dull resource and you will be forced to explore and search in places to grab new ones or repair your own. In that sense, Resident Evil 4 Remake it gives you more excuses than ever to explore what went from being a corridor shooter and larger arenas to becoming a RE8-esque semi-open world, where you’re constantly coming and going. Yes, it’s still a linear game but as RE8 you have a lot more leeway in areas that you’re going to go through multiple times. It’s just that, to reward the player who looks for every last box, now areas like the lake hide puzzles and you’ll go through them from end to end in your little boat to discover all the mysteries. Where are the puzzle hexagons? What is that ship stranded in the middle of the water? All these details call your curiosity without putting a marker and it is up to you if you listen to the call or not.

What you will notice is that the moments you remember are all there. Around there, the place of something changes, but details like saving a dog that later helps you appear. The boss battles occur in the same order as the original. AND, Lion remains Lion: charismatic, funny, and never shuts up.

by the side of Ashleyfaithful to what you already saw in previous remakes, you will notice that they made her a little more adult and she has a deeper voice so that she does not drill your ears to the cry of “Leeooooon!” every time she is kidnapped. At the same time, she is dressed much more modestly and there are no sequences of her showing her panties on the stairs or gratuitous sexualization that remains of her, no matter how campy.

What is a not entirely happy change is the merchant. The role of the character is to buy your surplus equipment or jewelry that you find that will exchange for silver to improve your weapons. But, the character that was recontra iconic in the original game now speaks almost all the time as if he were Deadpool and with a new voice that does not have the charisma of before. It’s not that it’s out of place, but you won’t be able to help but miss it if you already have experience with the 2005 game. That may be the only black spot in this Remake and we had to make an effort to find it.

Your memory does not fail you, this was not

Without falling into terrible spoiler territory, we can confirm that RE4 Remake is full of news. To the multiple puzzles and interconnected level design that we talked about above, now a quest system is added. Many times you will find blue papers hanging from a wall that will ask you for a specific request in the style of “break X thing”, “bring such a thing to the merchant” and others that reward you with spinels. In this version of the game, spinels are a special currency used to exchange for items such as maps, weapons, or accessories. Yes, before there were quests of this type, but now they are one more reason to go around the map looking for them and you have more freedom to be able to choose the rewards, if you want to save money or spend money on anything.

In the same way, you will find areas that were not present before, and the best – new enemies that will require you to use new techniques to withstand their onslaught. As this is an action game, you will never run out of ammunition if you keep rotating your weapon because enemies drop items. But, if you trust only one, you will quickly find yourself cornered and defenseless. In this sense, there are new weapons such as the crossbow that allows you to kill in silence or you have the possibility of using stealth to stab. This gives the game new and different moments of tension where you can even choose your own tactics to make combat more intelligent, and it’s a gem.

The tone stays, and it’s a wonder

Resident Evil 4 Remake It rescues from the original game its action movie tone meets bizarre, and it does so with incredible style. Many times, when doing such an expensive project, remakes tend to forget the strength of the original and a lot of the humor is lost in the process. This is not the case here and you have loads of lines that add comedy and lightness to the frantic combat, and you won’t know if Lion You want to invite him to a barbecue or hit him for making horrible jokes. Compared to how solemn they can be ethan either Chris in RE8, this feels like a movie from schwarzenegger where more than once they will make you smile due to the juxtaposition of adrenaline with a funny comment.

Not that the game lacks darkness or tense, epic moments, though. Particularly noteworthy are the battles against the bosses that impress with their size and creative mechanics when facing them. They’re imposing, they ooze personality, and they make for some incredibly memorable moments that will require you to put your all into it to win the coveted victory. Thus, the tense tone and the bizarre complement each other to create an experience that is a spectacular power fantasy but doesn’t take itself so seriously as to be ponderous.

In conclusion

Resident Evil 4 Remake It was never necessary, on paper. The original game is available on all current platforms, its legacy is unquestioned, and it still plays like gods. However, by dint of charisma, an injection of new ideas and yes, desire to make money, here we have a version that not only deserves to exist but also makes its own place. True to what we saw in previous remakes of the saga, we are facing a reversal of a masterpiece that complements and expands instead of replacing, and does so with the best of tastes. The level design is a gem, the combat systems incredible and current, and the frenetic action as you remember it.

If your question is whether the changes justify paying again to play this game that you have already passed so many times (Seriously, the original is almost 20 years old…) The answer is yes. If you’re experiencing it for the first time, this is the best version, and if you’re experiencing it again the additions are so many that it’s worth going through again: it is the same in what matters, but in what does not, it is better.

RELEASE DATE March 24, 2023
PLATFORMS PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S

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