Real Madrid does not question the system after controversy with VAR in the Classic

Daniel Carvajal He came out of the controversy unleashed by the goal annulled for offside to Marco Asensio In the LaLiga Clásico at the Camp Nou, he did not doubt the VAR although he positioned himself in favor of the arrival of the semi-automatic offside but made it clear that the Real Madrid squad “does not doubt the system”.

“In the end we have to dedicate ourselves to playing, trying to do our best and we’re not going to go into whether it’s slightly offside or not, that’s what the right people are for. The other day it was considered offside and so We accept it, we are not going to doubt the system at any time,” he said at a publicity event at the concentration of the Spanish team at La Ciudad del Fútbol.

Carvajal insisted that what happened and everything that is being revealed in the Negreira case does not change the way refereeing is seen in Madrid players, and downplayed the friction with Gavi, a Barcelona player, with whom he now shares the national team.

“We don’t doubt the system at any time. The issue of friction that may occur on the pitch is nothing more than friction in a high-tension match between two rivals with a long history of very intense matches. Once we are here we defend the same shirt, we go in the same boat and we think of Norway to overcome them”, he affirmed.

The Madrid defender advocated installing the new offside system in LaLiga. “It seems like a more reliable system, as has been seen in competitions like the Club World Cup and the Champions League. It seems to be more objective and a little faster. Anything that is technology to improve decision-making, fluidity in the game and that everything is more objective, it is welcome”, he sentenced.

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