Real Madrid and the Spanish Federation distance themselves

C.divergent aminos. Real Madrid and the Spanish Federation move away. The treatment of the arbitration group and the use they make of the tool VAR are being definitive arguments for the leaders of the white club and those of the Federation are increasingly distanced.

From valdebebas They are very clear that they do not intend to give up, that until the arbitration system changes, with special emphasis on VAR, they do not intend to stop. They haven’t hidden it in the last week and They do not want Clos Gómez to have any responsibility for the arbitration. It is necessary to remember that he is the director of the VAR in Spain.

Semi-automatic offside

They think and maintain that any reminiscence with the past, and they believe that clos gomez it is, it works against you. The Federation, that is, Luis Rubiales and Luis Medina Cantalejo, who met yesterday at the Ciudad del Fútbol, ​​do not intend to take a step back. They are convinced that the path is the right one and that all that is missing is the cherry on top of something they have been asking for for months, which is nothing other than semi-automatic offside.

Now it seems that LaLiga has picked up the glove thrown by the Federation months ago and the technology used in the Qatar World Cup or in the Spain Supercupin Arabia, will become a regular in Spanish football from next season. But Real Madrid is not enough with this novelty.

Before the Classic from the Federation they were already alarmed by the high level of tension that is surrounding Spanish footballbut everything that happened at the Camp Nou has raised the issue to serious concern. They are not willing to allow the spiral to continue growingthat the teams go to court, something that goes against sports creeds, that everything is questioned and that is how they are transferring it to the different clubs.


The problem they are running into with the real Madrid is that as reported by MARCA, the leaders of the white club You are in a situation where you have completely stopped believing in the system and are willing to use all the weapons in your hand to bring about change.

Rubiales, on the ‘Negreira case’: “The referees are being attacked for the malpractice of a man

Rubiales was again yesterday next to the referees in the meeting with the president of the group. The concern of the referees is maximum and from the Federation it is believed that it is necessary to transmit tranquilitya rare commodity in Spanish football at the moment.

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