Raja Koduri leaves Intel

Raja Koduri announces that he will be leaving Intel at the end of this March. The former head of Intel’s AXG unit will leave the company, after some changes that had occurred late last year.

Raja Koduri leaves Intel

During the month of December, Intel dissolved the AXG group which was being commanded by Koduri, returning the exAMD to his former position of chief architect. Not even 4 months have passed since those changes for Koduri to leave the company.

Koduri has worked on Manzana and AMD, running the Radeon Technologies Group and creating GPU architectures like Polaris. He then moved to Intel where he became head of the AXG business unit, until it was dissolved last December.

Intel appears to be committed to the established roadmap for its Arc series of graphics cards., which was prompted by the work of Raja Koduri. In the plans is the future release of Battlemage, but this raises some doubts about whether the graphics project really intel arc has life in the medium and long term

According to Raja Kodurihis plans for the future are going to be to focus on the software, and he promises that he will give more information in the coming weeks. Will he return to AMD? Will you be hired by another company? Will he found his own company? It’s hard to tell right now, but it’s not good news for Pat Gelsinger’s company to lose a talent of this caliber. We will keep you informed.

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