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movistar riders against rebels super league semifinals

Last stop before reaching Saragossathe Super League has the last ticket to the Spring Grand Final in its hands, and there are only two teams left. Rebels Gaming and Movistar Riders They will put an end to the question of who will be the remaining finalist of the Super League. While Team Heretics awaits in the Grand Final, Riders and Rebels will have a duel in which it is impossible to predict a winnerYes, the viewers will be the most benefited.

Rebels Gaming

To talk of rebels We have to go back a bit to the regular phase, since the rebel team only played one match in playoffs. The champion of the regular season of this Super League started with the benefit of the format in this final of the upper bracket. Unfortunately for them, they couldn’t outrun a powerful Team Heretics Academy and they fell to this key, where after a week they meet their rival.

The potential of Rebels Gaming is not something to be taken lightly, although they did not manage to show great skills against The Heretics, they had a very difficult time. Under the orders of Iván Villanueva «Prod1«, Rebels Gaming will have to renew the strategy that made them title candidates in the first place. The team constantly seeks to reach those late points from the game where his stars, José Cruz «xico» and Michael Curtet «Rayito» make a difference with their high mechanical performance.

Although it cannot be trusted rebels of these two players, since a third piece will be vital precisely in this meeting. To combat the virtues of a Marky growing in these playoffs, Rebels will need the best form of Miłosz Domagalski”Raven«. He toplaner Polish from Rebels will have to appear in a very competent version and perhaps with some other champion carry in your hands.

De Gea’s team will seek to have the opportunity for a rematch against the heretics, but to do so they must first defeat Movistar Riderswho to the surprise of no one, have improved a lot in the face of these playoffs.

Movistar Riders

The Ridersneta is still standing and with fifth gear on. Movistar Riders He reached the playoff semifinal looking to win another best of five, this being what was necessary to go to Zaragoza. Unlike Rebels, the riders come with greater and better experience in these playoffs. Movistar Riders It comes from eliminating Barça eSports and Fnatic TQ, adding to this great sensations around a fairly notorious level jump.

The protagonists for Movistar Riders will be the same as they have been throughout the season, being the David Martínez duo «Supa” and Alvaro Fernández del Amo those in charge of giving game. The bot lane of the azulón team must fulfill a very key mission in this series and that is to complicate things for Rayito in the laning phase. Aggressiveness runs through the veins of the Spanish Riders duo, something that Rebels can pay dearly for if they don’t know how to reinforce.

Finally, just as Raven can individually outsmart Marky, Riders is at its strongest in the mid lane. The versatility by Bartlomiej Przewoźnik «fresskowy» as to champions and roles in the central street you can highlight Xico. He midlaner Riders Pole has shown great skills in both climbing championsas in control wizards and that Gragas more initiator. This can be hard for Rebels to punish in the ban and champion select phase, while xico He can be easily punished in the short range of champions that he has at a high level in Portuguese.

This is how the Super League playoff table remained until this semifinal match between Rebels Gaming and Movistar Riders / Vía: LVPesLoL

Where to watch the Super League semifinal between Rebels and Movistar Riders?

The confrontation, which will take place on Thursday March 23 from 18:00can be followed through the Twitch channel of the company itself LVP. The duration will depend on the results, being able to be a short series of 3 hours or extend to a dispute of five maps with indefinite duration.

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