Jordi Alba gets ‘wet’ about his continuity at Barça and with the ‘Negreira case’


Jordi Alba, one of the most wanted footballers by the fans of the FC Barcelona, You have granted an interview to the program ‘Chester’ of Risto Mejide in which it spoke of several subjects of actuality inside the club. The defender was asked after his continuity inside the staff of Xavi Hernández and also about the last information on the supposed referee’s help by the ‘Negreira case’.

The third captain of the first Barcelona team still feels able to surrender on the terrains of game. “Still I seat me well. I seat me qualified to follow giving war. Still they remain me years, huh”ensured, at the same time that added how many remain him. “This and another more in the Barcelona and afterwards will already see. Until it seats me well…”it cleared.

Jordi Alba sincere on the retreat and LaLiga 2013/14

On the same line, he mentioned what he had said several known about the retreat. “We are very lucky to do what likes us until the body that says enough to be followed. I speak with math and it is not easy, carry all your life doing this. You raise you in the morning, have breakfast, train, go home and already have all day free. It changes you, there are people who tell me that it wakes up in the morning and does not know what to do“, affirmed Jordi Alba.

Already in subject of Enríquez Negreira, gave his point of view on if the Barça has bought referees. “No no. It is more, in 2014 they removed us a League. Do you not remember the last party against the Athletic of Madrid? That put Leo and was not offside. If we had won, we won the League. To us only it cost us the victory and they with a victory or tie won it. They removed it to us“, sentenced the youth squad.

The Barcelona and Negreira

Finally, ‘it happened’ of the situation although leaving clear his posture about what the press says. “What have lived inside a football field, never have noticed favouritisms. I have not noticed at all playing. Can like you more a referee than another, but I playing have not seen at all rare. Until it do not dictate sentence, neither want to speak. I do not know what you say. I carry while without seeing press because at the end they have said a lot of things that have not been truth. They can not lie each two by three and when they go happening the years go you doing stronger and know how this world goes “, he concluded.

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