How to earn region points and rewards

He renown system is a new feature included in devil 4 which works in a similar way to a reputation system for your character. Basically the renown is related to each of the regions of the game world and can be consulted from the map view. Naturally, it is possible to increase the renown with its respective points and earn juicy rewards in this way.

If you are not clear how it works the popularity in Diablo 4, how to level it up either what rewards you can obtain by this system, you we explain everything in detail in this post our guide.

How to earn Renown Points and level it up?

The renown system in Diablo 4 is unlocks after completing the prologue of the game and it is a mechanic that is associated with optional activities you do in the world and its 5 main regions. It’s about a progression system and rewards that you can increase by earning renown points, but keep in mind that the renown points you accumulate are divided for each region of the map.

Generally speaking, you can get points of renown by completing these activities in each region:

  • Complete forts: each grants 100 Renown Points.
  • Complete dungeons: Grants 30 Renown Points.
  • Activate Conveyor Portals: each grants 20 renown points.
  • Complete side missions: each grants 20 renown points.
  • Activate altars of Lilith: each grants 10 renown points.
  • Discover new areas of the map: each zone grants 5 renown points.

As you complete these side activities and gain renown, your level of renown in the region will go up. Logically, the first levels require less amount of renown, only a few hundred points. However, the higher levels require thousands of points.

And here the thing does not stop. It must also be taken into account that the last two levels Renowned regions require raising your world level at least level 3therefore these levels can only be obtained after complete the campaign main game and exceed level 50 of your character.

All renowned rewards

Everytime that accumulate enough points renowned in a region, you can claim a number of special rewards in the map view renown menu.

Here below you we show all the rewards that are obtained thanks to the renown:

Level Total Renown Required character rewards kingdom rewards
1 200 Renown Points
  • +additional EXP
  • +3000 gold
2 500 Renown Points
  • +additional EXP
  • +10,000 gold
3 800 Renown Points
  • +additional EXP
  • +25,000 gold
4 1110 Renown Points
  • +additional EXP
  • +60,000 gold
5 1500 Renown Points
  • +additional EXP
  • +150,000 gold

It should be noted that the character rewards are valid only for the character the one you are playing with at that moment, that is, they are independent between your created characters. However, the kingdom rewards are pooled for your accounttherefore its benefits are unlocked for all your created characters.

As you can see, increasing your renown in Diablo 4 is a cool way to get more gold, experience to level up faster and increase your maximum capacity of potions or murmuring skittles. Do not hesitate to increase the renown to the maximum in all regions, it is quite worth it.

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