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Avalanche Software’s RPG introduced a curious nod to Harry Potter’s best friend.

Hogwarts Legacy, Avalanche Software’s proposal based on the magical world of Harry Potter, has become one of the most relevant games of 2023 in its own right. Beyond the news related to his overwhelming sales success, a situation that has led him to topping almost every best-seller list since it was releasedthey find each other all game related news that have excited the community. And, among these, stands out one starring a curious clothing that fans of the books and movies will remember.

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the fourth installment of the young wizard both in literature and in cinemas, the famous Triwizard Tournament, a competition that pits three young witches against each other to discover who is the most skilled. However, this time the quota is extended to four against the will of Harry Potter, one of those chosen for the tournament. Thus, the celebration of this event brings with it a traditional dancea situation that the characters took advantage of to show off their finery robes. Except for, as you all will remember, Ron Weasleythe inseparable friend of Harry Potter who wore what he called the costume of his “Great Aunt Tessie”.

Ron Weasley’s famous robe is present in Hogwarts Legacy

Thus, those who have seen the film will not have forgotten the famous expressions of Ron Weasley when he had to don the inherited family robe. Unlike other characters like Harry or Neville, Ron had to wear rather colorful clothing that he never felt comfortable with. And, therefore, the developers of Avalanche Software decided to rescue this situation and give players the possibility to wearing Ron Weasley’s dress robes in Hogwarts Legacy.

As can be seen on these lines, Great-aunt Tessie’s famous robe is available in the Harry Potter RPG. To unlock it, you need complete the puzzle in the director’s office. By doing so, players will be able to claim the reward in the wizard’s guide, at which point they will have access to one of the most remembered costumes of the license. Undoubtedly, this unexpected wink is yet another example of the love that developers have for the wizard’s license.

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