G2 Esports ends the dream of the riders in EPL 17

The Movistar Riders tour of ESL Pro League 17 has come to an end after losing to G2 Esports 2-0. The Spanish team showed a good level on the first map, but, again, a bad side TC it allowed the samurai to start with an advantage in the series. The Top 1 of HLTV improved considerably in an Inferno to confirm his pass to the next round of playoffs. Despite the defeat, the role of Riders in the best league in the world is more than remarkable if we take into account the form in which they arrived. SunPayus’ ENCE will be the next opponent of the horsemen’s executioner.

G2 started very strong in Vertigo, but the Spanish reacted in time to take a 7-8 in their favor to the change of sides. Martinez and Sausol led the team on the offensive end which would not be enough. The big “but” of this team, the defensive side, came to the fore again. The current best team in the world scored eight straight rounds to make it 15-8. Those from bladeE made up the result until they reached double figures before finally falling 16-10. hell it was not so exciting for the Spanish fan. The samurai took a 10-5 change of sides after some very fruitful offensives in which they continually broke the Spanish economy. There was still hope, but it was to be short-lived.

Riders say goodbye to ESL Pro League 17

The European team wanted to avoid surprises by scoring the first five rounds on the defensive side. Riders was only able to score one round before finally losing the series 16-6 and saying goodbye in the first round of the playoffs in ESL Pro League 17. Getting past the group stage was already a resounding success, so the fans can be more than satisfied. Facing G2 in the first round has gone against Spanish interests, but it is a great experience for players like Martinez and SausoL. Mopoz went through the channel ESL Spain and acknowledged that they are not yet ready for this type of matchbut the improvement is noticeable.

The dynamics of the Spaniards must continue to be this so as not to drop out of the competitive circus and return to excite a scene as it did last year. SunPayus will have the option to avenge his former colleagues this Wednesday from 7:00 p.m. in the second round of playoffs. You can follow all the information about the best league in the world in our section CS:GO.

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