Fast Travel in Diablo 4: How to Unlock Transporters (Location)

With a larger open map than ever before, devil 4 he deserved a fast travel system at the height to explore Sanctuary comfortably. And in this sense, this fourth main installment of the Blizzard saga brings us back the well-known transporter portals.

we players can benefit us of the portals to fast travel around the world to different locations. If you do not know how they are unlocked, where they are or how they are useddo not worry because in this entry of our guide we show you All the details related.

How are transporter portals unlocked?

There are many teleportation portals in the world of Diablo 4 and all of them they unlock easily as follows:

  • To unlock a new transporter portal you just have to get close enough up to one of them.
  • When you get to a transporter you can activate it by interacting with the ground signal to unlock the ability to fast travel to whenever you want.
  • You will be able to recognize the cones of the transporters for their triangular symbol in the map.
  • Portals that you have already activated will light up with flames and have their symbol of color bluewhile the deactivated ones will be of Gray.

Almost all transporters are unlocked simply by interacting with them, although it should be noted that some also need you to complete quests first around. They usually don’t have much mystery.

In addition all transporters are free to use, that is to say that no type of material or object is required to be able to use them. You can travel between portals As much as you want without any type of limit or added requirement beyond having to activate them for the first time.

How to use fast travel portals?

Conveyor portals can be use in various ways in Diablo 4 and from pretty much the start of the game. He most obvious method consists of interacting with a portal by approaching it, however, this is actually the most cumbersome.

Here below we show you the two best ways to use protractors:

Using portals from the map

  • TO through the map view you can use the teleportation portals you have already unlocked to travel between them quickly.
  • You just have to open the map and select portal where you want to travel
  • This will make your character immediately trip to the position of the chosen protractor.

Create a city portal

Another way to use protractors is creating portals yourselfand is that you can create the call “city gate” to return to the nearest capital.

  • When you use a city portal you return to the nearest capital of the region in which you are.
  • this portal stays open so you can come back by him to the place where you created him.
  • Keep in mind that if you leave the city walking the portal will close.

As you can guess, the city portal is very useful when you are carrying out a mission and you need return to the city momentarily to reorganize your team. This allows you come back quickly to the place where you were in the mission, and so you can move on more comfortably without having to waste time traveling.

All transporters on the map (Location)

If you want to know where are all the points of transporter portals in the world of Diablo 4, here below we will show your positions on the map so you know where to go to unlock them in each major region:

Broken Tops Transporters

The region of Broken Tops has the following 7 conveyor points:

Scosglen Conveyors

The region of Scosglen has the following ? conveyor points:

(In the beta the Scosglen region is not yet available)

Grim Steppes Transporters

The region of Grim Steppes has the following ? conveyor points:

(In the beta the Grim Steppes region is not yet available)

Kehjistn Conveyors

The region of Kehjistan has the following ? conveyor points:

(In the beta the Kehjistan region is not yet available)

Hawezar Transporters

The region of Hawezar has the following ? conveyor points:

(In the beta the Hawezar region is not yet available)

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