Elia Fery is Maron in her unforgettable yellow swimsuit

The time has come to reunite the Dragon Balls, we are going to enjoy a new wish fulfilled, and that is, the cosplayer that we bring to you today, is not only a pretty girl who would make one’s nose bleed Master Roshitake your place, the adventure… is about to begin!

dragonballthe original story written by Akira Toriyamais undoubtedly one of the most beloved anime titles by fans, and now we are about to show you a new and charming cosplay version by a talented Mexican cosplayer.

She is Elia Ferry, a beautiful Mexican model, singer, cosplayer and actress who has conquered us with her adorable cosplay style, a girl who is a big Dragon Ball fan, so it is not surprising that she is the most recurring theme in her cosplay versions, with which he shows us his passion for anime and each of its iconic characters. You can find her on her official Instagram as @elia.fery, where she has more than 67 thousand followers, as well as a wide cosplay gallery, which you shouldn’t miss.

Many of us grew up accompanied by Goku and his friends, watching their great battles, trips and training day by day in the afternoon, where we could see Marona beautiful girl who came to the screen only to capture the attention and hearts of all fans of the franchise.

This cheerful girl with a jovial attitude, beautiful and with a charming personality, hypnotized us when she appeared in the series, especially the episode where we saw her one day at the beach, wearing the unforgettable yellow swimsuit, which has become a landmark for the fans.

Elia has conquered us with this flirtatious photo session in her Maron cosplay, taking care of every detail of the episode, with striking aqua blue hair, red googles and all the beauty of Krillin’s ex-girlfriend.

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