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counter strike 2 it’s official. Valve announced it on March 22 after rumors and leaks. The new video game will be released in the northern hemisphere summer (between the months of June and September) 2023 and will be a free update to the popular Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

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Regarding its recent announcement, Valve released a group of images of the maps Dust II, Overpass and Nuke, which will be updated and will have graphical improvements. You can review the gallery at the beginning of this note.

Dust II map: pool bottom.

Today we are pleased to announce counter strike 2. It’s a review of every system, every piece of content, and every part of the CS experience.”, Said the official account of the video game on Twitter. “The most important part of every game of Counter-Strike? The shots and the movement. We go beyond the tick rates in Counter-Strike 2″.

Valve also revealed that there will be a limited test for CSGO players that starts this March 22. “During the test, we will evaluate a subset of CS2 features in order to resolve potential issues before its global release.”, they add on the official website.

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It should be noted that Counter-Strike 2 comes as a free update to CS:GO. That is, it is available for free to all PC players (via Steam). In turn, all our purchases in CS: GO will automatically carry over to Counter-Strike 2, since they are compatible with the classic models and finishes.

Counter Strike 2 is released in 2023.

Another novelty of CS 2 is the graphic improvement, since the visual effects have been completely updated. “With Source 2’s particle and lighting systems, water, explosions, fire, smoke, muzzle flashes, tracer bullets, hit effects, and more have a whole new look and feel.”they comment.

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