Amber Will Take Control With Chainsaw Man’s Makima Cosplay

Anime fans know that Chainsaw Man It has earned a special place among its favorites, and that is because its adaptation caused a great impact among the fans, and that may be due to its great scenes, its complicated story, and the demons that we see in each of its episodes.

But if we’re really honest, nothing beats its characters, which greatly mix enveloping powers, but above all, a huge appeal, which comes from their captivating personalities.

She is Amber, a beautiful model and cosplayer from the United States, a girl who raises our temperature wherever she stops, since she has a series of spectacular cosplay versions, mainly based on video games and anime, among which some of the most outstanding are most iconic characters, in unmissable versions. You can find her on her official Instagram as @mimsyheart, where she has over 340K followers, and plenty to look at everywhere.

And we don’t have to go that far, just look at power, Denji and each of its protagonists, who with their personality have conquered fans with tons of unmissable moments, although we must admit that no one manages to take over the screen like Makima, a complicated demon who has accumulated her own fandom, and Now, she’s about to turn us on with her best cosplay version.

Here we can see the irresistible version of Makimacreated by Amber, where he wears his classic white shirt and black tie outfit, reliving one of the most iconic moments in the manga and anime series, fiery red hair braided back, with an appearance in which we see as the girl looks like a doll, as well as the attitude of power, with which she looks directly into the camera, are you ready to take a walk?…

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