A creative gamer made Tyrion Lannister in Elden Ring

A creative gamer of Elden Ring has created Tyrion Lannister of game of Thrones inside the game. Although FromSoftware’s character creation systems have never been as obsessed with minutiae as other character creators, they provide more than enough flexibility.

Tyrion Lannister, played by Peter Dinklage in HBO’s adaptation of George RR Martin’s book series, is the son of a ruthless patriarch named Tywin. Though Dinklage’s version of Tyrion does look a bit different than the version Martin described in the books.

In the books, the scar across his face runs from the lower left of his forehead to the lower right of his jaw, and perhaps more importantly, he has no nose.

ChrissyTheCreative, a reddit user and Elden Ring fan, decided to model her character after Peter Dinklage’s version. ChrissyTheCreative managed to create perhaps the most faithful version of Tyrion possible with the character creation that FromSoftware has provided.

The astonishing quality of the Elden Ring version is most apparent in the eyes and nose, which capture Dinklage’s own features with incredible precision.

A creative gamer made Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones inside the Elden Ring

The scar on the right cheek suits the character well. The facial hair color does not quite match Dinklage’s own darker beard in the series, but is more in keeping with the book version, as the entire Lannister clan has golden blonde hair.

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