5 secret changes in Hogwarts Legacy after the last update

It is clear that Hogwarts Legacy is being a complete success, and that is why the development team usually releases different updates to try to balance some parameters.

Within these updates, parameters that were giving many advantages to players in their games are usually balanced. Hogwarts Legacyand also includes news from time to time, but above all bugs and bugs are corrected.

And in the latest update for Hogwarts Legacy there are a number of changes that aren’t listed in the update notes, but have been discovered later by players or confirmed later by the development team.

So we are going to talk to you about those changes made in the last patch to hogwarts Legacy and that the development team has not explained to you.


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5 secret changes in Hogwarts Legacy after the last update

One of those changes that hadn’t been previously reported in the official patch note, is an annoying thing going on with the dialogue lines of the character Ignatia Wildsmithwho, as you well know, is the witch who invented and created floo powders.

Basically, this character’s lines of dialogue have been reduced, as we travel through the game world, so that we don’t have to listen to him constantly.

Another change has to do with a strategy that existed to eliminate those dangerous or heavy enemies such as ogres. What a lot of players would do was lure these big enemies off a cliff, and they would fall off the cliff, practically dying in the fall.

Well, the development team, basically what they have done is that these enemies no longer die when they fall from high altitudes, so this strategy is over.

In any case, you can continue using this strategy if you make them fall into the water, where they will die instantly.

It has also been done a little change when it comes to flying with the magic broom. Basically everything is much smoother and moving the camera with the right stick no longer changes your direction as drastically as before.

Also They have corrected the possibility of being able to pass Merlin’s tests with our broom. In this way, one of the easiest methods to pass Merlin’s tests is, instead of jumping with the character on the platforms, it is to be mounted on the magic broom and go over them.

Well, after this latest update, forget about it because you will no longer be able to pass Merlin’s tests that easily.

And a small change in the movement of the characters when they are using the spell of disillusionmentsince previously when using it to go in stealth mode, the character was too slow, and now his speed has been increased slightly.

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