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YouTuber Jirad Khalil, known as ‘The Completionist’, has bought all the video game from the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U digital stores. The content creator has spent more than US$22,000 in order to save these titles from the closure of these eshops.

Khalil, whose content is based on completing the video games to 100% of their content, hence his name, has made this purchase because the digital stores of both consoles are about to close. In 2022, Nintendo announced that it would no longer be possible to get the thousands of games in these catalogs as it would close the two eshops on March 27..

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Thus, the YouTuber did not hesitate to spend US$22,791 on a total of 866 Nintendo Wii U and 1,547 Nintendo 3DS video games. In addition, he also bought 464 cards from the eShop that take up 1.2TB on Wii U and 267GB on 3DS.

Khalil assures that videogames are in danger of being forgotten and that no copy can ever be found again. “Lost titles are very real when it comes to video game preservation. Ever since the industry started, we are in daily risk of losing games forever. That’s why this is important. And that’s why I’ve long supported nonprofit organizations like the Video Game History Foundation and their efforts to support the preservation of video game code, print media, and more.”, he points out in his video on YouTube.

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Therefore, he made the decision to preserve the titles of both Nintendo consoles. “It’s done: all games available on Nintendo Wii U and 3DS have been saved. It took too much time and money, but it was worth it for the sake of game preservation.”, he adds.

He will also stream live as part of his Preserved Play, a charity event to raise money with the aim of donating it to the Video Game History Foundation so that the consoles are preserved. So, As in any museum, video games will survive the passage of time..

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