You can now claim the acclaimed indie Lorelai for free on GOG

The players of pc you can now get hold of the horror and adventure game lorelai free of charge thanks to the Spring Sales of GOG.

While it may not get as much attention as Steam or the Epic Games Store, GOG is still a major digital distribution platform when it comes to PC games, and is often the best way for gamers to play older PC titles.

Just like other digital stores, GOG has its own special promotions where it offers huge discounts on games. The GOG Spring Sale will run until April 3. While it lasts, PC gamers can visit GOG and grab a wide variety of games at deep discounts.

While PC gamers have until April 3 to take advantage of the GOG Spring Sale deals, the same can’t be said for Lorelai’s gift, which will only be available until March 23.

PC gamers can claim Lorelai on GOG for free right now and add her to their digital library. The game has a “Very Positive” rating on Steam and four out of five stars on GOG.

It hasn’t received enough professional reviews to reach a consensus, but since it’s free, horror fans have no excuse not to try it out. However, it should be noted that Lorelai is actually the third game in the Devil Came Through Here trilogy, preceded by The Cat Lady and Downfall, so fans might want to try those games first.

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