Valorant: Criticize Riot for the 2023 Game Changers Championship

The professionals and the community questioned the number of teams and the capacity of the venue for the Game Changers Championship 2023.

Valorant’s competitive professional is preparing to start its new season with a bang, including the women’s division and other discriminated genders within esports. However, efforts to include Riot Games They seem not to be what was expected by the community that criticized the developer for the quotas and the capacity of the headquarters for the Game Changers Championship 2023.

Riot announced a new edition of the Championship VCT Game Changers for this 2023 and will gather eight teams fighting for the championship in São Paulo, Brazil. Last year’s tournament was held in Berlin and had G2 Gozen as the first Valorant world champion.

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After the announcement, the developer was criticized for maintaining the same eight slots as last year’s tournament, despite the growth of the women’s competition. In Brazil, competitive personalities also questioned that the region has only one representative, explaining that the event could have 12 participants with two places for the country, as pointed caster Brazilian, Letícia Motta.

In addition, the community also questioned the venue where the event will take place has a maximum capacity of 150 spectators. Several players expressed their dissatisfaction with the issue of the public, including the champion, Michaela “Mimi” Lintrup of G2.

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Valorant’s Global Director of Esports answered to criticism regarding the venue, explaining that they believe the limited-capacity arena is the right place for the tournament. “We are not trying to grow the Game Changers Championship to the size of Masters and Champions. We want women to play in Masters and Champions”.

He Game Changers Championship 2023 will take place in the esports arena of Riot Studios in São Paulo, Brazil, from November 28 to December 3.

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